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 +====== Jazmine "​Jazz"​ Morgana Geddes ======
 +{{ http://​​3528/​3964404166_2e10abc0f0_m.jpg?​240x160| Draw me a pic, please? (Placeholder by Stephen M Bradley)}}
 +===== Basic info =====
 +^ Short Description | Striped like a zebra or tiger, yellow eyes, cat-like irises, digitigrade legs, prehensile tail, large tousled mane of black and white hair. |
 +^ Homeworld | [[Luna]] |
 +^ Birthdate | July 1, 2200 |
 +^ Apparent age | Mid twenties |
 +^ Gender | Female |
 +^ Species | [[Recom]], various sources |
 +^ Height | 6ft (183cm)|
 +^ Weight | 163lbs (74kg)|
 +===== Background and personality =====
 +Jazz was created to be a companion of an eccentric scientist, who passed away before she was '​born'​. ​ She has recently learned this history, and is trying to adjust to all the ramifications of her discovery.
 +Jazz actively pursued commodities trading for a few years - pursued being the operative term; she never quite caught up with that task, as she spent most of her time trying to refit her ship, the ICV '​Ourobouros'​. ​ She served for a year aboard the DSE '​Columbia',​ as first officer, but has recently returned to civilian life.
 +^ Personality |Jazz tends to be friendly and outgoing, although she is usually wary of strangers and those openly displaying weapons. ​ She tends to speak her mind, often without tact and out of turn, and usually regrets it immediately afterwards. ​ She tends to circumvent the usual procedures, despite the fact that these procedures exist for a reason. ​ Rules can bend, as circumstances permit, as long as the spirit of the law is maintained... this is her belief.|
 +^ Reputation | * |
 +^ Affiliation | Other than being a card-carrying member of ICTA, Jazz has no affiliations at this time. |
 +^ Hobbies | No one has yet gotten close enough to Jazz to inquire about her hobbies. |
 +^ Skills | Jazz has learned that she has many combat-related skills, including high levels in Tae-Kwon-Do and Capoeira. ​ She knows how to use melee weapons, and is particularily good with thrown weapons, such as knives, shuriken, kleegat and chakram. ​ However, she wishes to stay away from these combat-related skills, as she doesn'​t like being seen as a war-machine. Jazz is willing, however, to practice her combat medic skills; the Hippocratic oath overrides her personal feelings. ​ She has a knack for repairing spacecraft systems and other electronics,​ and she also has been known to sing fairly well. |
 +^ Occupation | * |
 +^ Residence | Jazz lives aboard her ship, the ICV '​Ourobouros'​. |
 +===== Recent events =====
 +Jazz has been up to stuff like... FIXME
 +===== Fun facts =====
 +Jazz is ambidexterous,​ a trait that may be natural, but as so few of her skills are, she has to wonder...
 +===== Player preferences =====
 +^ Online times | I am in the * time zone.  |
 +Jazz's player isn't online too often, so her involvement in tinyplots has been minimal. ​ But, if something happens near her, she will most likely get involved, unless she has to go, or perceives one of the participants as being a twink. ​
 +Cut her and she will bleed, tickle her and she will laugh, kill her, and her player will throw up her hands and let the character die.  But please consider that she has a strong survival instinct, and not a few tricks up her sleeve...
 +  ​
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