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-Furscape New Player'​s Guide +====== ​Welcome! ====== 
- +You can find the guide for newbies ​by going to and then clicking ​on [[Players' ​Guide]] and [[Character Creation]].
-====== ​Getting a Permanent Character ====== +
- +
-To get a permanent character (not a guest character), you must log into the muck and use the **@request** program. Fill in answers to the questions, then a wizard should check them and approve or deny your character shortly. NOTE: If you already have a character and are requesting a second or third, please use your existing character (not a guest) to run the @request program! +
- +
-There are a number of reasons why a character quest might be denied. If you failed to provide a plausible-sounding real name, if you requested a character name the staff consider unacceptable,​ if you failed to provide a valid email address, if you already have too many characters, or if you have recently been given a character and have not yet configured it, any of these might be reasons for denying your @request. +
- +
-After your character is approved, you should receive an email with a temporary password and instructions for how to login. If you don't get the email after a reasonable time, you should ask a wizard to check on it. It may be that your @request was denied for some reason, or it may be that no wizards were available to process it, and they just need a reminder. +
-====== Setting Up Your Character ​====== +
- +
-After you have logged into your new character, there are several basic steps involved in configuring it. These are things you should do before getting into roleplay. +
- +
-First, you need to set a permanent password. The one emailed to you is considered temporary, and you will want to change it to something you can remember. The command is: +
- +
-  @password (old password)=(new password) +
- +
-So, for example. . . If your randomly assigned password was FJ874 and you want to change it to fooble, you would enter: +
- +
-  @password FJ874=fooble +
- +
-Next define how your character is seen by others. The most important things ​to fill in are: +
- +
-  * description -- what your character looks like +
-    * @desc me = <Your description here.+
-    * {nl} can be used to make paragraph breaks +
-  * species -- fox, cat, human, robot, etc. +
-    * @species me = <Your species here> +
-  * sex -- usually male, female, herm or [[androgyne]],​ some others are possible +
-    * @sex me = <Your sex here> +
- +
-We also have a cinfo (character information) program which is used to make information about your character available for others to read, so they can roleplay more effectively with you. You can enter cinfo #help for instructions. Some fields you can set are: +
- +
-  * affiliation (your employer or faction in the game) +
-  * age (the approximate age your character appears to others) +
-  * birthday (real or in-character,​ you decide) +
-  * desc (a brief, one-line description of you) +
-  * history (a brief story of your character'​s background) +
-  * hobbies (character interests ​and passtimes) +
-  * homeworld (what planet or colony do you come from?) +
-  * image (URL link to a picture of your character) +
-  * occupation (what your character does for a living) +
-  * reputation (anything other characters are likely to have heard about you) +
-  * residence (where you live: apartment, tree, cave, village, spaceship?​) +
-  * skills (notable in-character skills) +
-  * tinyplot (what are your preferences for plots or RPs?) +
- +
-Please note, you are **not required** to fill out all of these fields! To begin with you need to fill out a few, such as history and skills, so that other players will have at least some idea who you are. More information can be added as you develop your character. It is possible to set custom CINFO fields, so you can add any kind of info that you think others ought to know about you. You may want this information to appear ​on the [[dramatis personae|character bios]] wiki page as well +
-====== What kinds of people can you play here? ====== +
-New players should take a look at [[choices|this guide]] before deciding what they characters are going to look like. +
- +
-The majority of characters in Furscape's setting are [[recom]]s: animal-like beings created by humans back on Earth before the [[Apocalypse War]]. The majority of recoms are mammals: cats, canines, rabbits, skunks ​and so forth. However, there are also some birds, some reptiles, some centauroid species (or "​taurs"​) such as chakats and foxtaurs, and a few other odd types. Keep in mind that [[recom size|recoms vary a lot in size]]. Some recoms are mutations with extra tails, wings or other extra limbs, strangely colored fur, nonstandard gender (herms or androgynes) or other traits. +
- +
-You also have the opportunity to play as a [[human]] -- uncommon, but there are a few still around -- or as a robot or an alien. You should read at least the [[history introduction |introduction]] to Furscape'​s setting before creating human, robot or alien characters, as there are some special rules for them. +
- +
- +
- +
- +
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