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 +^ Headline: | Sethos Administration Responds to Landing Strip Attack |
 +^ Agency: |  |
 +^ Date: | 2211-09-11 |
 +^ Location: | Epiphyte, Annyrion |
 +[ A camera focuses on Grizzard Tryggvassen,​ Gentleman News Reporter. ]
 +"​Earlier today reports came in of an attack on the Epiphytian Landing Strip. While Mayor Sethos'​ robots attempted to circumvent the attack by Seventh Wave, the attackers were still successful in causing severe structural damage. Among the loses are three ships and five lives of our fellow Recoms. Mayor Sethos himself would like to say a word on behalf of today'​s events."​
 +[ The channel switches to a feed of a wolf, a black wolf in a pressed jade green business suit. A pair of black wings stretch out from Sethos'​ back. ]
 +"... I would like to express my sincerest disapproval for Seventh Wave's tactics today. The manner of which they acted without regard to recom life is simply appalling. It seems that they'​ve let their vindictive nature get the best of them. It's with this in mind that I suggest we all stick together in these troubling times as we try to move Epiphyte to a newer, brighter future."​
 +[ The news feed switches back to Mr. Tryggvassen. ]
 +"What a beautiful speech. Next up, sports!"​
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