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 +====== Dr. Seiro Mozhua ======
 +{{ http://​​2379/​2151393650_175d7c3b64_m.jpg?​240x182| Draw me a pic, please? (Placeholder by Chi King)}}
 +===== Basic info =====
 +^ Short Description | |
 +^ Homeworld | [[Luna]] |
 +^ Birthdate | April 17th, 2186 |
 +^ Apparent age | Early twenties |
 +^ Gender | Male |
 +^ Species | [[Recom]], giant panda |
 +^ Height | 6ft 7in (201 cm)|
 +^ Weight | 220lbs (100 kg)|
 +===== Background and personality =====
 +Unusual circumstances surround the existance of the panda. While most oddities become apparant by looking at him, they give rise to a single question: Was Seiro a subject of genetic engineering?​ Even more strange stands the mystery of his discovery on the surface of Luna, well beyond the horizon of any dome, after a beacon led explorers straight to an airlocked cave which appeared in isolation. ​
 +The facilities in Alpha Dome were kind to the quiet infant. Social services dropped him off in Sigma Dome to live with a family of red pandas--his closest genetic relatives. Early on Seiro showed signs of genius, despite his inclination not to talk. Realizing they could not help him much longer, his foster parents sent him to school in Alpha Dome. His success was impressive; the appetite for knowledge looked unquenchable. ​
 +Around his decade-and-half birthday, Seiro began to change. He began to interact. Once given the scholarship to medical school he graduated the next day and headed to what he had decided would be his new career. Years later he finds himself as isolated as ever, but now he has an educated mind to comfort himself with.. That is, whenever his dark half doesn'​t come out to play...
 +^ Personality |Seiro is a rare recom-- A panda, to be exact. His race is exceedingly hard to find, given that their intelligence is one of the species'​ finest traits. He was a handsome fur, with an agile body and a quick mind. Curiousity can get the better of him sometimes, but when put off he will quickly assume a mask of almost-painful politeness. Such are the manners he '​remembers.'​ Those who come to know him quickly come to realize his innate caring attitude, and find out just how far he'll go in the name of altruism. Not one of those trying to be a hero but ending up one nonetheless. Earning his trust is easy, keeping it is difficult. Perhaps this is because of his demeanor. Seiro tends to keep himself happy and friendly towards others most of the time. There is no dark side to him in times like those. There'​s a dark half. Amiability disappears and others get to see what is usually hidden behind him... A serious personality which may be any number of different qualities.|
 +^ Reputation | * |
 +^ Affiliation | (Not to be disclosed) Completing residency concurrent with independent study in the field of cybernetics and nanoengineering. Founder of his own research firm.|
 +^ Hobbies | He is an ameteur enthusiast at the martial arts, preferring the discipline to his boring lifestyle. He also practices with firearms and enjoys the occasional simulator visit to learn how to pilot spacecraft. Throw in the esoteric: Seiro has a keen appreciation for art, and in his off time completed a course in massage therapy, bringing a whole new level of meaning to the cliche that he was 'good with his hands.'​ |
 +^ Skills | Seiro was a young prodigy, and quickly graduated from school at the age of twelve. By fifteen he had already achieved a doctorate in medicine, and by seventeen he had been recognized as an excellent engineer over a broad variety of fields. He continued to age, and by his twentieth year he had been released from his post-doctorate studies in surgery and trauma treatment to find his way in the world. His nimble, delicate fingers were indeed the hands of a surgeon... especially with the rather abnormal mutation they contained. The skill he has at saving furs' lives is greatly appreciated,​ enhanced as it was by a Trauma Treatment certification of Level IV. Expertise in his fields of knowledge is immediately apparant. |
 +^ Occupation | Doctor |
 +^ Residence | Xiaoshulin anSeiro (Apartment 205), Tempest Complex, Felis Lane, Alpha Dome, Luna |
 +===== Recent events =====
 +Seiro has been up to stuff like... FIXME
 +===== Fun facts =====
 +Bet you didn't know... FIXME
 +===== Player preferences =====
 +^ Online times | * |
 + As they say, anything goes. He is a mainstay of medical tinyplots, pretty much. Engineering covers a broad variety of fields: Mechanical, Electrical, Biological, Atomic, etc... Heh. Page me if you need a hospital TP done for you, that's what I'm here for. And it doesn'​t matter what planet it is on-- I have been cleared to be transported to various planets if someone should require medical attention there.
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