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Askel Narith

 Draw me a pic, please?

Basic info

Short Description His scales are of a crimson red color, and shine quite well in the light. He keeps himself very clean, even his razor sharp teeth are kept pearly white.
Homeworld Annyrion
Birthdate March 4, 2185
Apparent age Mid twenties
Gender Male
Species Recom, lizard
Height 6ft 3in (191cm)
Weight 181 lbs (82kg)

Background and personality

He started off his run down foster life in Epiphyte City. His foster parents sucked, so he pretty much went out on his own, learning things himself. One of his favorite things to do as a teen, and even a youngster was to take things apart, and figure out how they work. As he got older, he put that hobby to good use, making fair amounts of money fixing other peoples things.

As time went on, Askel grew more ambitious, and wanted to put his ability to the test. What better thing to do is there, than to join the military. At one of the bases, there was a suprise air raid. Fighters scrambled to get into the air, but mostly to no avail. He had recieved minor air training, so he hopped in a fighter without consent. Although those who were already in the air, and the survivors on base were against it, they had no real choice. This battle went smoothly, as Askel bagged himself three kills before the attacking fleet retreated. This was a whole new beginning. The rush, the adrenaline, the noise, the weaponry. He fell in love it all.

After this Askel transfered to be trained as a full time pilot, and he accelled greatly. He quickly rose to fame battle after battle, growing more confident and skilled. His confidence was his inevitable downfall. In a dogfight against a simple novice, he was shot down.

The accident was horrible and crippled him. After a long time in the hospital, he had all of the damaged organs replaced with cybernetic ones. The thought of being artificial made him sick, and the horrible crash brought him never-ending nightmares. He had severe flashbacks, so bad to the point where he was sent to a mental institution. After lots of therapy, he was released just recently… Though they say he wasn't completely stable, and never would be.

Personality Askel loooves attention, especially from females. He'll go about many different ways to get it too. He's well aware of his talent, versitility, and good looks… Perhaps a bit too aware. He's lax about almost every situation, even if his life seems to be in danger, it's just how he is. He's not afraid to brag about his abilities, and even show off from time to time, which tends to earn a bit of distaste in public. But over the years he's learned to talk people out of despising him for his cocky attitude through fast talking, and sheer charisma.
Reputation Formerly well-known as a fighter pilot
Affiliation Citizen of the Lopanga Confederacy
Hobbies Askel loves his video games, and parties. But most of all he loves piloting fighters. Along with that he likes to fix them up, and modify them. The thought of new weapons on his ship can always send him into a girlish gigglefit… Which is very unusual for him. He tends to tweak and modify weaponry from time to time, both new and old. Sometimes he'll mess around with computers, tweaking the systems, and taking them apart just to find out how it works… Or just for fun, to put it back together moments later.
Skills Askel's best ability is his piloting. Aside from that he's learned and trained in standard military things. First aid, navigation, handling various weapons and explosives. Aside from that, he has taught himself some things that he's found interesting, and some essential to mantaining a good ship. Mechanics, Computer programming, electronics repair, computer and electronic operation and performing as an efficient gunner.
Occupation Askel sits on his ass getting money from the government due to his tragic accident in the miltary after being something along the lines of a hero… so he hasn't taken the liberty to get his own job.
Residence Third floor penthouse suite in the Continental Hotel (Annyrion City)

Recent events

Askel has been up to stuff like… FIXME

Fun facts

Bet you didn't know… FIXME

Player preferences

Online times I am in the * time zone.
  • The type of plot doesn't matter to me, as long as it doesn't warrent my character's instant death.
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