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Players on Furscape have the following rights, which are granted and affirmed by the management:


Players may express their opinions publicly and privately, with very few exceptions. Exceptions include slander, harassment, and public aggravation to the point of disrupting the MUCK environment. Players have the right to question or criticize management decisions, as well as express their views on controversial matters of politics, religion, et cetera, as long as this is not done in a personally vicious or publicly disruptive way. The MUCK has a dedicated 'debate' channel, and when ordered by staff, verbal combatants are to switch to that channel. The management does not forbid sexually explicit or offensive material, with the exception of sexual ageplay (which is forbidden), but may regulate it to certain areas of the MUCK in the interest of theme and public decency.


The headwizards of Furscape own the collective database and retain all powers required to administer the MUCK. Players retain ownership of things they create. This includes both copyright and some degree of control over how their creations are used on the MUCK. Players can ban other players (but not wizards) from their private areas, and can expect their their objects not to be tinkered with – aside from minimal emergency fixes by wizards. Players who are removed from the game by their own choosing or by punitive action may request that an archive of their possessions be emailed to them.


Because of the relatively insecure nature of the MUCK environment, privacy of conversations, poses, and descriptions cannot be guaranteed. In particular, players should understand that wizards may remotely examine players' objects and any properties installed on those objects - including the object representing the character's avatar in the muck - in the course of performing their duties, or may log player commands for review in investigations. However, willful snooping on other players is an offense. The abuse of MPI or MUF to circumvent the MUCK's internal security functions is considered an especially serious offense.


Players may not be held accountable for violating rules that were not in effect and publicly known at the time of their actions. In other words… A wizard cannot look at something you have done, then invent a new rule against it and punish you for the violation. When new rules are created, they are not in effect until they have been posted publicly in a place where they are liable to be seen by the players. Rules can be made by wizards but are subject to review by headwizards.


A player has the right to be informed when he has been accused of violating the rules, a right to be told the nature of the charges, a right to see the evidence against him, and a right to confront his accusers and present his side of the case. The decision to ban a player from the MUCK can only be made by a headwizard, and other headwizards must be informed and given fair opportunity to voice objections before it is carried out.


Staff members are expected to obey the same rules as players. Wizard bits and MUCKER bits represent an extension of trust from the headwizards to their volunteers. As such, they may be revoked without warning at any time when a staffer has lost the confidence of the headwizards. The rights of defense listed above do not apply to removal of MAGE, WIZARD, and MUCKER flags.

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