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[Note: This is taken from the ship's log of the ACS Grace Hopper, a Coalition Palieros-class gunship corvette assigned to the Epiphyte Interdiction Zone. It is a very, very, very rough example of space combat conducted using vehiclepose emotes for ship movements. As I was the only live player present on the Hopper, the dialogue isn't exactly verbose, and I have added certain embellishments in the form of dialogue between myself and an 'imaginary' bridge team. All paragraphs prepended with Viewer: are actual vehiclepose emotes, shown as they would've appeared to all participants AND anyone who might have been in the same part of space as the ships involved. - Hagalaz]

Viewer: Lyons Den flies up from the Epiphyte landing strip. The vessel moves slowly after it attains orbit, and it engines begin to glow as it prepares to navigate away.

The fire control officer looks over her shoulder. “Sir, it's the Lyons Den, a Beowulf-class free trader. She may be attempting to run the blockade.”

Hagalaz frowns, as he watches the new icon, representing Lyons Den, appear on his chair's display. “Alright, ladies and gentlemen, you know the drill. Set condition one. Helm, bring us about to meet Lyons Den.”

Viewer: Hopper's RCS thrusters fire, as she comes about to meet the Lyons Den.

Hagalaz reaches for his headset, signaling for the communications officer to open a channel to the interloper, before speaking.

COM-3 (Hagalaz @ ACS Hopper) » Attention Lyons Den, this is the Coalition warship Grace Hopper. You are in violation of the Epiphyte Interdiction Zone. Heave to and prepare to be boarded.

COM-3 (ANON @ Lyons Den) » Dockin*static*lfunctioning. Unable to *static*

Hagalaz frowns, straining to make out the transmission from the Lyons Den. “Commo, can you boost that signal?”

The communications officer shakes his head. “Sir, there's nothing wrong with their transceiver, the signal is clear, it's just being garbled at the source.”

Hagalaz sighs, and speaks again into the headset.

COM-3 (Hagalaz @ ACS Hopper) » Lyons Den, you are in violation of the Epiphyte Interdiction Zone. Return at once to Epiphyte City Landing Strip. Repeat: return at once to Epiphyte.

Viewer: Lyons Den engines fire up, but the ship makes no move to leave orbit.

Hagalaz gazes at the rapidly changing number next to Lyons Den's icon on his display. “Fire control, give me a hull map of that ship. That should get her attention. And prepare to fire a warning shot if she moves to break orbit. Helm, maneuvering thrusters. Bring us in closer.”

[Note: Mapping a ship's hull uses active emission of radar and/or LIDAR, and requires a much greater expenditure of energy than simply pinging that same ship to verify movement and other targeting information. When performed at point-blank range, it can damage non-milspec sensor components on the target ship, and is generally considered a universal way of shouting “Hey, Stupid!” at a ship whose master is behaving in an irresponsible manner. - H.]

Viewer: Hopper begins to slowly close the distance towards the Lyons Den, her dorsal turret swinging around to track the blockade runner.

COM-3 (ANON @ Lyons Den) » Coalition ves*static*actor leakage. Suggest maint*static* distance. Trying to conta*static*ill advise..

Hagalaz shakes his head, wondering what the captain of the Lyons Den will try next as he speaks into his headset.

COM-3 (Hagalaz @ Hopper) » Lyons Den, you are ordered to power down your engines at once.

The communications officer speaks up from his station. “Sir, the Thermopylae is hailing us.”

COM-3 (ANON @ ACS Thermopylae) » Hopper, this is Thermopylae, we are monitoring your situation, and are en route.

Hagalaz considers the viewscreen. “She's on the other side of the planet, isn't she? It'll take a few for her to get here.”

COM-3 (ANON @ Lyons Den) » Un*static*mply. Engines overpo*static*tain safe distance.

Viewer: Lyons Den still sits unmoving in orbit. Her engines are obviously overpowered

Hagalaz glances at his display, looking at the glowing icon representing Lyons Den. “In the event that Lyons Den isn't lying… Helm, slow our approach. Fire control, maintain weapons lock.”

Viewer: Hopper 's navigation thrusters fire, slowing her approach. Her railguns are still tracking the Lyons Den.

“Sir, the Furies is hailing us.”

COM-3 (ANON @ ACS Furies) » Hopper, this is Furies. Do you require assistance? Over.

Hagalaz consideres his viewscreen, noting the other gunship pinnace's position at the Thinora System jumpgate, as he speaks into his headset once more.

COM-3 (Hagalaz @ Hopper) » Hopper to Lyons Den. Power down your engines and hold position. Repeat: power down and hold position.

Viewer: Lyons Den begins moving away from Annyrion. Slowly at first and then gaining speed

Hagalaz raises an eyebrow. “They're really going to try to do it. Helm, pursuit course.”

Viewer: Hopper's engines come to life as she begins to pursue.

COM-3 (ANON @ Lyons Den) » Los*static*ntrol. Reactor Criti*static*

The fleet commander shakes his head, amazed at his opponent's nerve. “It's time to end this.”

COM-3 (Hagalaz @ Hopper) » Lyons Den, this is the Coalition warship Hopper. Stop you engines and abandon ship, I intend to sink you.

[Note: Yes, I really DID say 'sink'. Some nautical terminology, while silly-sounding, is still used by space navies - especially those steeped in traditions going back to days when they were terrestrial wet navies. - H.]

He pauses, turning to address the Furies, speaking into his headset.

COM-3 (Hagalaz @ Hopper) » This is Fleet Command to Furies. Maintain position at the jumpgate. Over.

Hagalaz glances to his fire control officer. “Guns, give me a warning shot across Lyons Den's bow.”

Viewer: Hopper's railguns fire, the rounds tracking slightly in front of Lyons Den's nose.

Viewer: Lyons Den makes no sign of slowing or changing course, and will soon be out of the sector.

Hagalaz growls softly. “Fire control, target her engines and weapons and continue firing.”

Viewer: Hopper's railguns fire again, this time coming dangerously close to Lyons Den's engines, but missing.

Viewer: Lyons Den leaves Annyrion's orbit bound toward the jumpgate.

Viewer: Lyons Den fires up its engines

Viewer: Lyons Den leaves the sector

Hagalaz pounds his fist into his seat's armrest. “Helm, lay in a speed course for the jumpgate and engage!”

The helmsman speaks up. “Aye sir. Plotting course. Engines are coming online… course has been plotted… en route to sector 509 by 223 by -30… ETA is two minutes, ten seconds.”

The Hopper surges along, attempting a speed course for the jumpgate instead of merely trying to pursue the Lyons Den. After a brief wait, the helmsman speaks up.

“Sir, we're approaching the jumpgate. I have the Lyons Den on the scope. No other threats on the board at this time.”

“Very well,” growls Hagalaz. “Target the Lyons Den's engines and open fire.”

Viewer: Hopper enters the sector, opening fire on the Lyons Den.

Viewer: Lyons Den rocks from the hits, gases venting from serveral of the holes in the hull. She manages to maintain her heading toward the jumpgate.

Hagalaz looks to the communications officer. “Open a channel to the Lyons Den.”

COM-3 (Hagalaz @ Hopper) » Lyons Den, this is the Coalition warship Hopper. Stop your engines and surrender your vessel.

Viewer: Hopper's railguns fire again, this time apparently aiming for Lyons Den's engines and missing narrowly.

COM-3 (ANON @ Lyons Den) » Engines are not responding. Unable to comply..

“Sir, Furies is hailing us again.”

“Put her through.”

COM-3 (ANON @ ACS Furies) » This is ACS Furies to Fleet Command. We're experiencing a fire-control systems malfunction. We will be unable to render assistance.

Hagalaz slams his paw into his armrest again. “Dammit! Guns, continue firing!”

Viewer: Lyons Den continues toward the jumpgate trailing gases and debris.

Viewer: Hopper opens fire on the Lyons Den, railgun rounds glancing off her hull.

“Sir, Thermopylae is hailing us.”

“Hopefully they have better news to report,” growls Hagalaz softly.

COM-3 (ANON @ ACS Thermopylae) » Hopper, this is Thermopylae, I am about ten minutes away from your position. Over.

Viewer: Lyons Den veers sideways from the glancing shots, the pilot unable to maintain control. The vessel strikes the side of the jumpgate, tearing off hull plates, as she passes through.

Viewer: Hopper Fires one last parting shot, scoring a hit on one of Lyons Den's engines.

Hagalaz roars, “Perkele!” He then clears his throat before continuing, “Helm, all stop! Fire control, cease fire.”

Viewer: Hopper 's navigation thrusters fire, bringing her to a stop to one side of the jumpgate.

Viewer: Lyons Den is piloted out of the area.

Viewer: Lyons Den maneuvers Lyons Den in alignment with Annyrion Jumpgate, and activates jump sequence.

Lyons Den vanishes into a blinding flash of light and is gone..

“Helm, hold position. She's out of Thinora space now, and I don't want to risk running through the jumpgate after Lyons Den grazed it on her way through. Commo, open a channel to the local nav buoy's repeater. I want to warn traffic away from the jumpgate.” Hagalaz pauses, clearing his throat before continuing.

COM-3 (Hagalaz @ Hopper) » This is Fleet Command. All ships in Thinora Sector, be advised that the jumpgate is temporarily out of commission pending inspection for possible damage.

He turns his attention to the tactical display, suddenly remembering Thermopylae.

COM-3 (Hagalaz @ Hopper) » Hopper to Thermopylae. Return to your scheduled patrol route. Over.

COM-3 (ANON @ ACS Thermopylae) » Roger, Hopper. Returning to Annyrion. Thermopylae out.

Hagalaz sighs tiredly. “Helm, lay in a course for Annyrion and engage.”

The navigator bends over his console, punching buttons. “Aye, sir. We are en route to Sector 521 by 236 by -28. ETA is two minutes, ten seconds.”

Hagalaz sits in his chair, staring at the starfield on the viewscreen, lost in thought.

The helmsman speaks, breaking the fleet commander's reverie. “Sir? We're approaching Annyrion.”

“Very well. Lay in a rendezvous couse for the fueling station. He looks at the fire control officer. “Ms. Raine, you have the conn. I'll be in my stateroom. Notify me when fueling is complete.”

“Aye, sir, I have the conn.”

Hagalaz pauses, surveying the bridge and nodding to himself before departing.

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