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The following is a list of commonly-encountered spaceships belonging to the Annyrion Colonist - Eisshari Coalition. This is by no means an all-inclusive listing. All artwork is © Smithers, a former roleplay staff member, with the exception of the image for the modular cutter, which is © Traveller in the 3rd Dimension

Capital Ships

Shogun-class Light Space Dominance Vehicle

Originally arriving from Sol System as colonial transports, and upgraded with armor, weapons, sensors, and engines to deal with the threat of piracy on behalf of a newly-chartered Coalition, the decades-old but reliable Shogun is the workhorse of the Coalition fleet. Her modular design allows for simplified upgrades as technology advances, and also allows her to carry a mix of weaponry and mission-specific pallets (enhanced sensors, extra fuel, or cargo, etc…) wherever she needs to go. Swift, well-armed, and durable, the Shogun is capable of carrying up to three smallships, typically transatmospheric shuttles or modular cutters, as well as servicing and rearming escorts such as the newer Pandion-class starfighter.

Typical manpower for a Shogun-class SDV is 200 naval personnel and 150 Marines.

The example pictured in the sketch below illustrates an earlier weapons configuration of four now-obsolete Coherent Systems Ltd medium laser turrets, as well as missile hardpoints and point-defense weapons, and a proposed (but never constructed) alternate turret setup consisting of four coilguns. A more modern configuration replaces the four medium turrets with two large turrets containing heavy lasers.

Examples of the unmodified Sol-origin colonial transports are shown below.

Escorts and Attack Craft

Paliero-class Gunship Corvette and Balaros-class Guided Missile Corvette

The Paliero-class and Balaros-class corvettes are built on nearly identical frames, but serve two different missions.

The Paliero-class is an older design, originally intended to serve as a system patrol ship. By concentrating on turreted weapons systems, the weapons officer would be able to call his shots, allowing for precision targeting of opposing ship's engines and weapons systems. It has an aerodynamic hull, allowing it to conduct interface operations, provide close air support, and operate from planetside landing sites.

The Balaros-class is a dedicated ship-killer. As external threats to the Coalition increased, and pirates struck merchant shipping using larger, heavier ships, the need for a design with upgraded anti-ship capability became evident. Its missile systems, while not as discriminating as a turreted weapon, allow the Balaros the ability to strike opposing ships at extended range, delivering sledgehammer blows. While it has the same aerodynamic hull as the Paliero, it has none of the flexibility with regard to close air support.

Pandion-class Starfighter

The space-only Pandion-class is a recent addition to Fleet Division's inventory. Viewed from the front, it is vaguely cross-shaped, with the cockpit, engines, and maneuvering thrusters at the center, missile launchers at opposite ends of the vertical arms, and gun turrets at opposite ends of the horizontal arms. It is capable of supporting two crew members, and has a cruising range of approximately three days. The Pandion's cockpit is a vertically-oriented, two-deck arrangement, with the vehicle commander and pilot each having a standing-style acceleration couch and redundant controls behind an armorglas cockpit canopy protected by a jettisonable blast shield. The primary hull is heavily armored, for a fighter, and is capable of surviving a missile strike (although the weapons systems and sensors may be destroyed in the process).

Auxiliary Ships

These ships are intended as noncombatant vehicles, but may carry defensive weaponry.

Magellan-class Deep-Space Operations Vehicle

Magellan is the Coalition's primary deep-space explorer. Possessing enhanced sensors, a habitat section that rotates to simulate gravity, and mission-customizable palletized cargo stowage, Magellan is capable of extended operation in both regular space and hyperspace. The Magellan-class is designed to carry two multipurpose utility vehicles and a transatmospheric shuttle in a large forward bay. Magellan is the first of the Coalition's starships to have a permanent mixed crew of 'spacers' (persons with the microgravity tolerance gene modification) and 'downsiders', thanks to the habitat module design.

magellan_beautyshot.jpg magellanv1_0_perspectives.jpg

Tsiolkovsky-class Transatmospheric Vehicle

The Tsiolkovsky-class TAV is a single-stage-to-orbit short-range passenger shuttle. It is unarmed, but is usually equipped with an ECM suite for self-defense. These shuttles are used by the Fleet Division, the Peacekeepers, and the Diplomatic Corps.

Cyclone-class Modular Cutter

The Cyclone-class cutter is a short-range, space-only “ship's boat” designed to ferry cargo and personnel between objects in space. Fleet Division uses a special variant of this cutter equipped with an ECM suite, armor, and point-defense weapons for placing marines on ships or other spaceborne structures deemed too hostile for direct docking.

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