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Darrhin Theebes

 Draw me a pic, please? (Placeholder by BiggerTree)

Basic info

Short Description Tall and bulky with a large horn
Homeworld Mars
Birthdate September 10, 2171
Apparent age Late thirties
Gender Male
Species Recom, rhinoceros
Height 9ft (274 cm)
Weight 610 lbs (277 kg)

Background and personality

Having started out as a bouncer in the 'entertainment' field he graduated slowly till he attained the rank of casino manager. Disputes within the local mafia led to the liquidation of his employer and the destruction of his place of work (and therefore his home), his job and even his security.

Knowing he only escaped by the skin of his horn and knowing far to much about certain people and events, he liberated his ex employers yacht (a tale in itself that is) from the then private landing field and headed for orbit. He hasn't returned since.

Personality A large rhino morph that has seen many things he would rather forget. A character out of place, once used to the hustle and bustle of casino life, now spending his time in space or hiding out on Annyrion. He takes up a lot of space and isn't the most agile nor physically gentle of creatures. He has a temper but tries hard to keep it in check. He's apt to wade into a fight and help out the little guy. Sometimes to find out the little guy started it, but too late. While outwardly happy, darkness in his eyes speaks of past losses.
Reputation Darrhin has something of a history. Those that have access to such dossiers that are held by security agencies can probably read up on him. If you don't have access to such info, he may tell you himself. Nothing's been proven against him so far, though his dossier slowly gets thicker and thicker.
Affiliation To himself, his friends, and when on business, to his client, whomever that may be.
Hobbies He reads for a hobby, though his eyesight is terrible without glasses or contacts, he spends a lot of time on space ship repair (though that is forced on him more than from enjoyment). He likes spending time in good company, lazing in the sun on the savanna and pretending he hasn't a care in the world or cuddling with any other that isn't scared of getting their toes crushed. He had a lonely time in the entertainment industry, and seems to be making up for it.
Skills If you get to know him you may learn that he is an ex shuttle and ground vehicle driver, a natural navigator, a really good masseuse, an all round handy-rhino, a passable cook, a good baritone singer, a friend of the underdog, a competent croupier, a gentle lover, a reader of books, an ex bouncer, a qualified accountant and also, short-sighted.
Occupation His is now owner and operator of “Darrhin's Courier Service”. A one man band which sees Darrhin carrying messages, parcels and even surprisingly large crates of communication from one place to another with no paperwork to fill in. “Costs more that way, mind,” he always tells the client. The yacht he stole, being not totally legit in the first place, is the perfect craft for such activities, and he's careful.
Residence Either at a little house he owns in Epiphyte, or in a cave kindly loaned by Leonie out in the Lopanga savanna, or on his small beat up shuttle, or somewhere else in the arms of someone currently not afraid of large rhinos possibly squashing toes.

Recent events

Darrhin has been up to stuff like… FIXME

Fun facts

Bet you didn't know… FIXME

Player preferences

Online times *

Feel free to contact the player about any tinyplot: What do I enjoy? Adventure, thrills, romance. Helping out the underdog. Anything really along those lines.

Hmm, here's a brainstorm. - Smuggling medical supplies past embargo, getting funds from A to B without unfair taxation, getting that important message to the leader of the opposing faction without anyone ever finding out that the two of you are in dialogue. Being a go-between. Prisoner exchanges, smuggling exotic goods. Aiding in elopements, stealing back of kidnap victims, stealing rare objects and returning to planet of origin.

In a TP he does prefer to judge that he is working for the good guys. Not that he always gets that right mind you. However, Darrhin isn't a saint, he does most of the above for money -Okay okay- 'cept the romance, he does that of his own free will.

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