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Designer Genes

Currently headed by Claude Chevalier, and formerly headed by Etienne Chevalier, Designer Genes is a Martian corporation that makes sure that all recom children brought to them are born with a healthy and stable genetic structure. For an extra fee, perhaps they'll do you even better than that. Presently, Designer Genes is attempting to expand more internationally, and has gained a stronger grip in Mars's corporacratic style government. There are some rumours that Claude Chevalier and his organization is not quite as bright and cheery as they put on.

Genetic Manipulation

One of Designer Genes's goals is to make sure that all recoms born will be able to reproduce healthily with their genetic line, but it's still recommended to come back to a Designer Genes technician. Also, they prevent disorders (or perceived disorders) such as excesses of limbs, hermaphroditism, androgynism, cancer susceptibilities, and predisposition to ugliness.

Bio Landscaping

If the gene structuring doesn't work, don't worry! Designer Genes has cutting edge medical technology that can give a recom just the appearance that they need, keeping even the aging recom population young (or at least looking young) and attractive. They will also cater to any aesthetic body modifications that a recom might desire, such as phosphorescent tattooing or implants.

Medical Technology

Finally, one of Designer Genes' main function is to provide recoms under their care with cutting edge medical technology and care. They will provide (usually Martian) hospitals with equipment to improve the quality of life of recoms, but the technology is available elsewhere. Most hospitals elsewhere in recom space harbor some suspicions for Martian business, no matter how much the Chevalier name has cleaned up Designer Genes's image.


The Knights system was designed by Claude Chevalier before he took over the Designer Genes company in order to better organize patient files and information, with the hustle and bustle of recom space. While Mars has a central hub for the information, individual hospitals have the right to choose how much access other hospitals will have when exchanging files. This system allows for leaving notes on patient files, opening up files to other physicians for consultation, and easily generating and storing what would otherwise be tedious paperwork.

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