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Desray Station is a veritable 'sin city' in orbit. Just a short hop from its motherworld, Oceania, this jumping spacer depot is packed with shops, bars, a cabaret and sl–er, casinos. (Suddenly that layover doesn't seem so bad now, does it?) The main concourse and mezzanine play host to most of the touristy stuff, but the third level has a thriving residental zone, with everything one could ever need just footsteps down the hall! Luxurious staterooms and the stunning 'Sky Garden' round out the top level of the station.

Circling Oceania in middle-low orbit above Newport, Desray Station could almost pass for a small moon. Originally a large colony ship, once upon a time, Desray Station was retro-fitted into a permanent space station, and spun on its long axis to maintain position and create gravity in its interior ring-like corridors. Renovated to be the most luxurious object in orbit, Desray boasts posh staterooms, along with casinos, cabaret, duty-free shopping and plenty of dining options. Whether you're planning a layover or a weekend getaway, or whether you actually happen to live here, Desray's got your bag baby! This is one bright light in the sky that doesn't burn out!

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