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Edited to remove some punctuation and grammar errors, not yet edited for twinkishness

Alexander comes walking down the street. Every few steps, his head twitches to the side, his upper curls to a snarl. He holds his head as he growls low.

Alexander grabs his head as he leans against a wall.

Abiri wanders up the sidewalk toward the native trees of the park, moving with lazy lengthwise ripples. Bee's attention seems mostly focused on a piece of jewelry in hand, an oval bracelet with overlapping scale pattern, to which Bee is rubbing on some substance to brighten up the pastel colors.

Alexander looks over to the snake recom; as he stands up his lip twitches. He starts to walk over to the snake, his optics shutters seem to open and close in alternating sides for a few seconds. He stops, standing in the path of the snake, looking down.

Despite the fact that he stands twice as tall as the usual pedestrian and Bee doesn't seem to be having any trouble with dim light, Bee doesn't register the large presence ahead before nearly gluing the artwork to his armor. Bee blinks and abruptly stops short, looks up, then looks up some more. “Oh!” Bee says with a little uncertainty. “Hi there… Sorry.”

Alexander growls deeply as he looks to the piece Bee is working on. He grins as his optics shutters narrow. “You stink of him!” As he grabs for Bee, grabbing at the base of its jaw.

Abiri drops the scale-patterned bracelet in progress as the giant leans over to grab by the throat. While their might be many muscles in the nearly three hundred pounds of scaley hide, there apparently aren't enough in the neck for Bee to say much of anything in reply. Bee goes mostly limp and looks up in shock before grabbing for his attacking arm (while still hanging onto the sticky and rather smelly rag of lacquer).

Abiri just stares wide-eyed at Alexander, apparently still not having much to say (other than a pained squeak) while being grasped by the throat. Bee bunches coils up underneath, shifting to stand taller in an effort to to relieve some of the pressure.

Alexander hmphs as he pulls the snake down and goes to gather his coils in his arm. “Fine we'll just have to,” His head twitches to the side in a snap motion. “us then.. won't we..”

Upon seeing Bee being manhandled, Virendra reaches to his pants pocket and whips out a mobile phone which he quickly proceeds to dial the emergency number. When the operator on the other end picks up, Virendra informs them of the scene set before him: A cougar manhandling a snake. He requests the assistance of the law to keep the peace.

Abiri doesn't seem to be gasping for breath, but does gasp nonetheless on being partly released. As he grabs Bee around the shorts area, something in there crunches unpleasantly. Bee squirms slippery coils, trying to pour the muscular form out of his grasp. “I- uh-” Bee stammers. “You've got me confused with somebody else!”

Alexander looks to the snake as he sniffs, “You have his scent on you… Where is K'Sharrdii..” as he jaunts with the snake, keeping a hold as he heads down an alley. His body tenses, then his grip lets loose of the snake as he grabs his head in a snarl.

Virendra returns the phone to his pocket as he waits for the authorities to arrive, not knowing what to do, he extends his voice to Abiri, “Ah, bud? I think if he wants to know something, and you know it, you should tell him. He dosn't really seem to keen on…” He peeks at the massive cougar before returning his attention to Bee, “Dosn't seem too keen on negotiation, or whatever it is you're trying to do.” Virendra then mentions to the cougar, “Perhaps if you loosened the grip on his neck a bit…he could breath better? More circulation to the brain and all that…might help him think?”

“I've got a lot of-” Bee wriggles against his grip as Alexander drags Bee out of the street. Bee loses vest and backpack in the process of trying to escape, only to be grabbed around a different part of the body. Bee pounds at his arm with fists, but doesn't seem to be using full strength to fight back. “I've got a lot of people's scent on me! Was just at the pool! Belly on the sidewalk!” Bee yells desperately at him. Viredra's words go unnoticed.

Alexander snaps his head to Virendra as he grabs and levels his gun at Virendra and fires off three rounds as he pulls at the snake to pull him in the alley, pressing the barrel to the side of his head. “You lie! You know the White Devil!”

Virendra tries to dodge the bullets as soon as he sees the gun leveled. Two of them whizz by him, but a third catches him in the shoulder. Virendra howls in pain as he clutches the wound and drops to a knee from the pain. A wave of dizziness washes over him from the shock of the blow. Virendra tries to steel himself and rise, but the pain shooting through his body proves too much for the poor musician.

As the round hits, there is a shattering of windows across the street.

Abiri continues trying to wriggle out of the giant's grasp while his attention is distracted by looking at Virendra. But at the sound of the gunshots, Bee goes instantly still and stiffens to a dead weight. “Only talked to him a couple times!” Bee babbles, still staring up at him, apparently getting the gist of Alexander's demand despite the ringing in the ears from the blasts.

Virendra begins to sway dizzily on his knee before falling to his hip. He tries to hold himself up with his arms, but they suddenly begin to feel like lead. Virendra's vision begins to wane and his eyes slowly glaze over and shut as he collapses on the ground. The sound of snoring soon comes from Virendra as it is apparent that he has been knocked out cold.

Alexander grins wickedly as he taps his fore arm “Kie! Kie! Tuk' Rakoo thrys!” The screen flickers “Hey K, old boy, looooooonng time no see.” Looks to the snake “What's your name, scale?”

Alexander smirks. “Either way a friend of yours is here… Well soon in a box! Just like old time back on home, eh?” He laughs as he turns the wrist com off. “So, you think he'll show up? Oh I do hope so.. wouldn't want to resurface the walls with your greymatter.”

Abiri just blinks up dumbly at Alexander while he interrupts his assault in downtown Annyrion City to make a phonecall. Bee's eyes dart to the sides as if looking for an escape route, and Bee's brow wrinkles with concern to see the downed form of Virendra.

Virendra remains motionless and unconcious on the ground with a bullet wound in the shoulder.

K'Sharrdii, as silent as he wind, sneaks and creeps up and around the street next to Vir as he looks around quickly and grabs him, dragging him out of the way. Kneeling next to him, he looks him over and pulls out a med bag as he starts field repairing the wound. Injecting a mix of stim pack and saline to flush the system out, he dresses the wound.

Alexander, not paying attention to what's going on around the corner, “Ohh tisk tisk tisk. You don't think your K, k…kk…kk K'Sharrdii is coming” as he grins, pressing the barrel firm against the snake's head. “Aww, Too bad!

Abiri still holds very still in Alexander's grasp. “Don't even have anything to do with you two!” Bee squeaks.

A good amount of members from the local PD arrive on the scene, guns holstered but hands nearby, ready to draw at any second. They take special note of the cougar mentioned in the emergency phone call and fan out around him before one hollers, “Release the snake and keep your hands where we can see them!”

Alexander grins “Oh but that is the…” he looks to the corner as he see's that Vir is gone. Then to the PD. Looking over to see what type of arms they carry: small arms, less than lethal. “Oh, the boys in uniform- who invited you? Oh no worries, all the more fun!” As he grins, his head twitches as he pulls the snake around to use as a partial body shield.

Abiri oofs at being squeezed around the chest and bodily lifted against Alexander. Bee looks up at the police, staring ahead blankly, and apparently without a single witty remark left.

K'Sharrdii, through his suit's speakers, whistles at the PD, “HEY! Unless you have someting heavier that your pea shooters, you may not want to draw on him. While you have wounded civvies here. I'm former High Guard Kome, K'Sharrdii of Greyphilt. That Recom there was part of the Super Soldier project, Classification Juggernaut. What you need to do is cordon off this block! Unless you want more hurt or dead!”

All the members of the PD exchange glances as they nod to one-another and set off, working on herding the civilians out of the area and begin to guard and seal off the perimeter. They are OBVIOUSLY new recruits.

Alexander his ears swivel at the voice, then grins. “Oh you made it to the Party! Goody, we can start now.” He looks to the PD as they go about cordoning off the block. He laughs loudly. “Oh.. Didn't you hear he is FORMER! High Guard.. That means his precious Black Watch has been 86'ed! File 13! Washed up!” He makes a mocking pout face “awww, Kitty wanna cwy?”

As the PD go off to block off the street, a large SWAT VanTruck pulls in down the street. SWAT starts to pour out in line and take up positions. Two snipers on the roofs. Four on either side of the building making their way slowly towards the alley.

K'Sharrdii looks around. As he stands up to motion them to stop, three SWAT members level their rifles at him. He looks at them and narrows his eyes. “Do you want more to get hurt? ” He points to Vir, who has been field-dressed. “I know this roug..” as they cut him off “GET DOWN, NOW… DOWN ON THE GROUND SIR!”

Abiri doesn't have much comment one way or another, and continues breathing quick shallow breaths while hanging from Alexander's arms.

Alexander chuckles as he looks up to the snipers and smiles. “Looks like K'Sharrdii couldn't save you after all.. See you around.” He drops the tranq gun as he releases the snake. “Go home.”

The SWAT members at K'Sharrdii have him kneel down with his hands behind his head. His visor raised, you can see anger swelling in his eyes, as he clinches his jaw. The cuff him as they take Vir off to the Med trac to look him over. As Abiri is released, two sets of strong hands come from around the corner and pull him away. As four SWAT move into the alley, Alexander turns and places his hands on his head; the SWAT cuff and releave him of his weapons.

Abiri doesn't need to be told twice by Alexander. Bee pours to the ground upon being dropped, lands fully upright, and immediately takes off with a swish to the side of the alley with a rolling, sidewinding motion. At the end of the alley, Bee hugs the officer tightly while rounding the corner.

The SWAT brings Alexander out to the wagon. As he steps in, it tilts slightly. He looks over to one of the officers. “I want to ride with him,” he says as he grins and nods to K'Sharrdii. “Shut up, sit down!” as the officer locks him to the bench seat.

K'Sharrdii looks up as they lock Alexander in the wagon “This isn't going to end well..” as he looks to Bee “Tell Del what happened,” as he is picked to his feet and led to another car.

Vladimir steps from the doors of the bank while in the process of lighting up a cigarette. The jag's preoccupation with that particular task makes him miss out on the activity of the SWAT in the area before finally looking up, and a brow is raised once in a questioning way. For the moment he watches as he loosely rests his right paw into a pocket while the left maintains the freshly lit bit of tobacco.

Abiri curls up on the pavement outside the alley, leaning on an officer who has wisely decided not to ask any questions just yet. Bee isn't crying, but is staring at the pavement as K'Sharrdii is hauled by and doesn't give any indication of having heard him.

The SWAT officer brings Abiri to another officer “Its ok. You're safe now. We are going to have to ask you a few questions, ok,” as the Female officer takes Abiri off to the side. “Can I get you something to drink?” Her voice is soft and soothing.

The door to the wagon shut, the SWAT knocks the back three time. The wagon drives off.

K'Sharrdii, as he is set into a car, looks to the wagon driving off with anger ridden eyes. The door shuts and the car drives away.

Abiri nods silently at the suggestion to move away from the alley entrance, flowing with broad strokes over to the other officer before bunching up again before. Bee nods again silently at the first question, wringing hands nervously while looking around. “Yes, thanks…” Bee looks up at the nametag. “Officer Williams,” Bee says quietly. “And I lost my vest and backpack… and the piece I was working on, and…” Bee's eyes flick to the end of the alley and the smudge of blood there. Bee's brow wrinkles and Bee goes quiet again.

Williams grabs a bottled water, hands it to Abiri and motions to an officer to get the vest, backpack and the art work. There is forensics on side walking the grid of the alleyway where Vir was shot and the store front. One picks up the gun used “This is just a tranq gun..” as he bags and tags it. The officer comes back and hands over the lost items.

Vladimir approaches one of the officers in the area as he starts to looks around curiously for the details of the scene then asks in rather thick Martian accent, “What happen here?” He indicates the vehicles and the crowd with his cigarette.

Officer Davis, a husky recom, speaks to Vladimir. “Sir,” as he holds his hands out “Did you see anything? If not, please be on your way.”

“Thanks,” Bee murmurs as Williams offers the water, then just looks at the bottle for a moment before opening it and taking a gulp. “That was Virendra who got shot there?” Bee says quietly and calmly. Bee flashes the forensics person a weak smile while accepting the possessions before looking back to Williams. ”…the one with the violin? He's going to be okay, right?

Vladimir offers the officer a short smile as he nods, “Curiosity as you know, part of cat nature. But know nothing, no.” he gives a little salute with his cigarette with a flourish before placing it between his lips again and decides to go the long way around to have as much of a look as he can get on his way off.

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