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Independent Cargo Traders Association

The Independent Cargo Traders Association, or ICTA, is, as its name implies, a loose confederation of independent traders. They are contractually obligated to provide mutual aid to others in the event of equipment failure or piracy, and are expected to act above the board when engaging in commerce with others.

Independent Cargo Traders Association Charter and Agreement

  • I hereby promise to aid and assist fellow ICTA members in trouble, be they experiencing equipment failure or assaulted by pirates, with as much speed as I can muster.
  • I hereby promise to deal fairly with any fur who wishes to engage in trade, under the terms set down by ICTA guidelines. I shall not permit anyone I know to hijack consignments, refuse to repay principal amounts or profits, nor engage in other shady business practices.
  • I shall wear the ICTA insignia prominently and with pride, and never tarnish its reputation or good name with my own behaviour.

So agree the undersigned…

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