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Kalysa Talor Astrin

 Image copyright 2009 Jericho

Basic info

Short Description White with black hair and crystal-blue eyes, athletic build.
Homeworld Oceania
Birthdate February 10, 2176 ?
Apparent age Mid twenties
Gender Female
Species Recom, tiger
Height 6ft (183cm)
Weight 170lbs (77kg)

Background and personality

Kalysa was raised in Newport, moving on to Iridia University to study medicine. With her education underway, she accepted a contract with the Iridian Defensive Forces to provide extra funds and specialized in surgery. Having served her obligation as a field medic on the ground as well as in space, she moved on to private businesses chasing the paycheck and more freedom in lifestyle.

Personality She is a calm and collected individual but exists in a constant state of minor agitation. She has a short temper but controls herself well, usually coming off as annoyed rather than angry. Often appearing reluctant, she has a surprisingly fierce loyalty towards anyone she depends on, and can be remarkably kind when something genuinely begs her sympathy.
Reputation *
Affiliation May be spotted at various clinics as she makes rounds for what she considers to be temporary contract employment.
Hobbies *
Skills Anesthesia, general surgery, chemistry. She's decent with computers and can also handle a weapon if need be, but is generally more handy with a first-aid kit than a firearm. Her training is mostly for treatment of physical injuries.
Occupation Doctor
Residence Travelling

Recent events

Kalysa has recently developed a small reputation at the clinic in Epiphyte for something other than medical services. Always an advocate for up-to-date equipment, she petitioned the government to aid the clinic in the purchase of Lopanga's first efficient aerial rescue vehicle: a helicopter. When she's on duty at the clinic these days, she spends a significant portion of her time with flight training for the other clinic staff. With continued effort, she hopes to be able to bring the clinic where it is needed in the developing country, rather than simply hiring pilots without medical experience to ferry the injured back to the clinic.

Fun facts

There are one hundred forty-seven (and a half) stripes on this tiger.

Player preferences

Online times Eastern time zone. Online time varies but more often evenings
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