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(Note: Stub article. - Hagalaz)

Lunar Police Force

The colony domes on Luna and the area of space immediately surrounding Luna are the jurisdiction of the Lunar Police Force (abbreviated LPF). They have a relatively wide charter covering their operations.

Law Enforcement

LPF is the primary enforcement arm for laws passed by the Lunar Council. While they may appear to be a local-level constabulary, their jurisdiction covers the entire moon, and even extends to lunar orbit.

Search and Rescue

LPF is responsible for SAR operations on Luna's surface and space surrounding the moon.

Vacuum Emergency Response

Because the lunar colonies are a self-contained environment, a number of laws exist on Luna that aren't seen on planets with atmospheres. Loss of integrity in any part of the habitat where vacuum exists 'on the other side' is a serious matter, and when it happens, LPF's Vacuum Emergency Response team is the first to respond. As a general rule, possession or use of armor-piercing ammunition, explosives, or other destructive devices is frowned upon by all, and in some areas, is punishable by law as either 'threatening to breach', 'attempting to breach', or 'breaching habitat integrity'.

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