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Re: Updated wiki factions list – feel free to add info!

The Lunar Council is the standing government of Luna. (See Tsye for more info!)

The Martian Enforcers began as a civilian militia in Amundsen, Mars. They tried to launch a coup de tat against the Martian government and were defeated by GPA and Omicron forces. According to the Martian Government, the Martian Enforcers no longer exist – and if they do, mentioning them could quickly land you in a cell block on Amundsen…

The Space Defensive Force (SDF) act as the standing navy of the Luna Colony, with jurisdiction over Luna and New Philadelphia. In the wake of the Alpha Dome meteor disaster, however, the funding for the SDF was liquidated. The faction is now in shambles, but many returned refugees to Alpha Dome hope to see its charter reinstated.

The Seventh Wave is the notorious pirate faction-turned mercenary navy of Free Lopanga.

The Ghueri is a small civilian militia located in Epiphyte City. Depending on who you ask, they may or may not partake in organized crime… The Gheuri is largely comprised of upper middle and working class families, who take a very narrow view of the Lopangan aristocracy.

The Annyrion Coalition is the acting government of the Inaria continent on Annyrion, and at one point was responsible for the oversight of the entire planet, but this has changed. The Annyrion Coalition furnishes the Thinora sector with the largest standing navy, science corps

The Lopanga Confederacy is the acting government of Free Lopanga. It is headed by a Secretary of State and a small legislative council, seated in Epiphyte City, Lopanga. The Lopanga Confederacy was established in in response to Annyrion's southern continent declaring its independence from the Annyrion Coalition after a brief Civil War.

Magnum Intelligence Agency – You never heard about them. Nope. Nothing to see here…

The Iridian Defensive Force is the standing military of Oceania, with jurisdiction over the entirety of the Iridian sector. In addition to a space navy, the IDF also has a well-established scientific research branch (IDF Sci-corps) and also furnishes the Ocean Guard – Oceania's unique maritime national guard service.

Uncia Corporation was founded by unci of Jalan. It is the largest transportation company in known space. In addition to public interstellar space shuttles, the uncia company has engineered monorail lines, trains, airships and subways. You can see examples of uncia in action nearly everywhere!

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