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Headline: Designer Genes press release
Date: 2210-04-13

(A press release begins with several microphones in front of a young looking fennec fox with carefully styled hair, and is wearing a dark purple dress shirt and a black sports jacket. The name 'Claude Chevalier' appears under his image to denote who he is)

Claude: “Hello. I,” (nervous chuckle) “I haven't done this before, so forgive any lapses. I'll start by introducing myself to those of you who don't already know: I'm Claude Chevalier, the new owner and CEO of Designer Genes. I know some of you are wondering, now that my father, the great Etienne Chevalier has tragically passed away, what direction will Designer Genes be heading? I have just attended his funeral, and I've been reminded of all the great things he's done in terms of direction in both humanitarianism and in industry. I am here to assure you that the great things he has done will not be squandered under my inherited ownership. As you may know, I've made contributions, independent of my father's company, to the medical field via systems that allow doctors all over the known systems to up-to-date information on diagnoses, treatments plans and peer reviewed works with regards to particular symptoms, diseases and injuries. This service will now be merged with and provided through Designer Genes.”

Claude: (Warm smile) “This being said, I want to remind the media that I am a serious innovator, interested in not only the advancement of industry, but in the advancement of recomkind. Designer Genes will continue to shine, brighter than ever before, to provide the services that we, as a species, require to press on into the future. I seek to do my father's visions of the company justice, as well as provide for the new needs that will present themselves in the future. I'll open the floor up to some questions, now.”

(As the press conference goes on, several questions are asked, some of them important: 'What new services do you see your company providing in the future, and what are you doing to improve accessibility to the ones you have now?' and some of them not so important: 'Is it true that you are in a relationship with pop sensation Ricky Morris?'. While some people hail Claude's arrival on the industrial and political scene as a step in the right direction, others are a bit sceptical…)

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