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Headline: Police Defuse Hostage Situation in Downtown Annyrion City
Agency: ANN
Date: 2210-11-03
Location: Annyrion City, Annyrion

Travellers in downtown Annyrion City may have noticed the police tape and snarled traffic near Sindarin Blvd on Tuesday. Although initially reluctant to provide details to the press, police today released a statement today explaining the incident.

Alexander Magist, formerly a SDF Marine pilot before his discharge last year for “violent and erratic behavior”, is accused of using a handgun to take a passerby hostage and fire several shots at onlookers, one of whom suffered light injuries as a result. Witnesses say that Magist dragged the person into an alley and proceeded to make a phone call to a former rival, K'Sharrdii Kombe. Magist and Kombe were both residents of the isolated Lopanga settlement of Graycharm. Before Graycharm was dismantled by the Lopanga Confederacy in 2206, the town was a hotbed of inter-clan rivalries, gang violence, and trade in illegal military technologies.

Thanks to a phonecall to emergency services, local officers quickly arrived on the scene to contain the situation. Police say that Kombe, a former member of Luna Police Force, then arrived. He was seen to perform unauthorized medical treatement on a wounded onlooker and to impersonate a police officer while brandishing an improperly-licensed weapon.

Magist and Kombe both surrendered to police without causing further harm and were taken into custody. Magist is being held in the detention center under heavy guard, while Kombe is out on bail pending trial. Julie Miles, police chief of the downtown district, told reporters, “I am shocked that these individuals would choose to settle their grudge on a busy street of our peaceful city under the very noses of the police. But I commend our fine officers for skillfully diffusing what could have been a very dangerous situation.”

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