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Headline: LIVE ACTION JOURNALISM! Episode 2, Alpha Dome!
Agency: Weekly Comet
Date: 2211-05-30
Location: Alpha Dome, Luna

The producers of the Weekly Comet are proud to bring you another installment of….


Your hosts, Stockton <male beagle, mid-50s, trim and stodgy-looking> and Avery <chubby male orange tabby, early 30s?> are coming to you this week LIVE from ALPHA DOME, LUNA!

<camera shows the duo riding the rim trolley near Equis Blvd, waving>.

Stockton speaks: What was once the only place in space for recoms is still a bedrock of culture and civilization. Since the meteor crisis, Alpha Dome has re-bounded <flash-clip of a space-suited Avery bouncing on the Lunar surface> “and revamped its interior, making way for an influx of new businesses, home development - and entertainment. Some longtime “domers” insist that there is never a reason to go anywhere else! <camera cuts back to the duo, getting off the rim trolley; caught off-guard by the low gravity, Avery trips over his feet and pushes Stockton sideways off the ramp; the beagle yelps loudly off-camera.

The scene cuts to Central Park. The camera pans around, showing the charter oak, people gathered by the fountain and people on park benches. Stockton narrates: > “Central Park is the heart of Alpha Dome. Its terraformed greenspace hosts spectacular events year-round. <camera shows Stockton enjoying a pot of tea> “Passing a lazy afternoon at the park teahouse is a proud tradition for most domers - though it may be said that Oceanians are still the most serious when it comes to tea. However, if you're hungry for more than tea, but are sick of space-food, you're in for a real treat with our next stop.”

<camera shows nighttime outside of Lupo's on Equis Blvd, then ventures inside the establishment. Avery enthuses:> “Lupo's is all about MEAT and MEAT is AMAZING! Lupo's started as a butcher shop, but it's now a high-end establishment catering to all carnivores. Right now, I am about to partake of the flaming-filet. <camera shows plate with two filet mignons wrapped in bacon sitting in a brown sauce. The waiter lights the sauce on fire, inducing a table-side flambe.> Avery grins ear-to-ear, waiting to dig in….unfortunately the edge of his necktie is dipping into the sauce and is quickly set ablaze! Panic ensues for a few seconds on camera; the waiter throws a pitcher of water at Avery, only to soak Stockton instead. Avery rips off his tie; he snuffs it out with his shoe, only to trip on the wet floor and tip over the table.

<camera cuts to the next day. In fresh suits, the duo stand poolside at Alpha Dome Country Club. Stockton speaks:> “A special guest has agreed to meet with us - the lovely Cheryl Olne, wife of renown Lunar Councilman Errol Olne. <The camera focuses in on a collie female. She has bleached blonde hair, green eyes and surgical 'enhancements,' along with other improvements that would somewhat conceal her real age. She is wearing a low-cut black sundress and sitting on a lounger with a margarita in hand. From the way she's toasting the camera it's obvious that she's already quite drunk.> “Hello! Boys!” Cheryl stands up and gives Avery a hug, sloshing her drink a little. She giggles. “Ooh, you look even cuter in person.” Avery flexes; Stockton ahems. “Mrs. Olne–.” “Cheryl, it's Cheryl, please.” She giggles and downs the rest of her drink. “I don't like to sound 'old'. “Er, right,” Stockton says, “Anyway, Cheryl, I understand that since the meteor crisis, philanthropy on Luna has reached new heights. Can you comment on any of your charitable endeavors?” <camera pans back to Cheryl who takes a fresh drink from a droid with one hand and scratches Avery's ear with the other> “Hmm? Oh!” She giggles. “Well, I try to do a little of everything, you know, spread the love around, so to speak. There are many causes close to my heart.” <For good measure, she places Avery's hand above her heart and winks at him; Avery chuckles nervously. Camera goes back to Stockton:>

“Since the Lunar Council passed a new tax incentive bill, investors are flocking back to Alpha Dome. This establishment is a product of this new spirit of community-.” Interrupting, Cheryl puts her arms around both reporters. “Wanna get out of here? I can get us into a fabulous club.” A perplexed Stockton sputters; Avery blurts out: “Ok!” Cheryl pokes Stockton's shoulder. “Snooze you lose! It's champagne night at the Bleu Velvet! Woo!” Stockton stands by, stunned as he watches Cheryl tug on Avery's replacement necktie, leading the feline out behind her.

<In the background a cover of 'Mrs. Robinson' plays; the camera cuts back to sober Stockton. He is standing outside a loud nightclub; inside, Cheryl and Avery are dancing on the bar.> “Well, that's all we have time for this trip to Alpha Dome.

Join us next week for more LIVE ACTION at another spectacular location in YOUR galaxy!”

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