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Headline: More Epiphytian Chaos!
Date: 2211-09-07
Location: Epiphyte, Lopanga Confederacy, Annyrion

[ Epiphyte news transitions to what appears to be a young musteline female, holding nervously onto a microphone.] “Total hell has broken out i-…” [The camera lowers, the volume is muted as the camera man is probably talking to the news reporter. The frame recenters and is focused on the girl again] “Total chaos has broken out in Epiphyte today. In the confusion of the riots earlier today, /androids/ began to take station around the city before Seventh Wave could react.”

[ The camera moves a bit to the right to show an empty market street that features black androids standing station every ten meters or so apart from each other. A smaller patrol of two androids heads towards the news crew and ignores them as it walks by. The street is almost completely void of people save for a few that wearily walk by. An upturned market cart burns in the distance. The camera refocuses on the reporter. ] “It's like Mars is now happening to our dearest Epiphyte. Riot activity has diminished but not without an event that happened earlier today when several groups of these mechanical men forcefully took control of the administration building. Casualties are now as high as one hundred twenty citizens. Around the same time, Seventh Wave effectively initiated a plan to fight off the invading android forces, but 7-W was ultimately overrun by the sheer number of robots that responded to the aggression.”

[ The camera nods a bit, as if urging the reporter to continue. The reporter's confused look turns one into surprise as she holds a hand to her ear. ] “Despite several attempts to reclaim sections of the city, only more robots collect at points of conflict, while repairing fellow fallen androids.”

[ The camera turns to the left and walks towards an opening in the central market place with the reporter still in wide focus. A stage has been erected in the central market with a single, incredibly sophisticated android making an announcement to the public. There are several black androids guarding it. ] “In a new development, a newer android has stepped up and began disseminating information on this surprising turn of events.”

[ The sophisticated android is indeed very ornate with a gorgeous and intricate blue dress. It announces to the crowd, “–Promising new schools, improved medical aid, and new resources available to all citizens. Epiphyte will be reborn a new city, a greater city with your help. Help Mayor Sethos create a new, brighter future for Epiphyte. Hostility will not be tolerated.” The message repeats, but the camera refocuses on a rioter running towards the stage with a gun. Without hesitancy, the two guard androids open fire on the rioter with some kind of arm mounted ballistic weapon, the rioter doesn't stand a chance and drops dead. As if on cue, the sophisticated android speaks, “Formal complaints may be lodged at the administrative office starting tonight.” ]

[ The reporter looks absolutely frantic, as the camera refocuses on her. ] “Who is Mayor Sethos? Is he related to these death machines? How long will the casualty count continue to rise? More on this later. Diane?”

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