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Headline: Raw Footage: Seventh Wave Attempts to Retake Spaceport
Date: 2211-09-11
Location: Epiphyte, Lopanga Confederacy, Annyrion

[ A somewhat lesser known news channel broadcasting from Annyrion City finishes a short blurb on the status of local education matters, and then cuts to the latest live breaking news. The anchorman–or woman, as it were–speaks into the camera. ]

“We've just received raw footage of the conflict in Epiphyte. The 7th Wave has recovered several atmospheric craft and released this video with the following statement…”

[ The news anchor pauses as she listens to her earpiece. She clears her throat. ]

“Before we continue, viewer discretion is advised. This footage is not for the young or faint of heart.”

[ The video is loaded onto the broadcast, accompanied by the news anchor's voiceover. The camera appears to be fixed in position, and by the shaking it seems that it's behind a very strong telephoto lens. ]

“The self-appointed Mayor Sethos' hostility towards this city was unprovoked and without declaration of war. But war it has been.”

[ The scene at hand shows military androids firing heavy rounds into the air. ]

“He has taken control by force despite our Secretary's continued re-election each term, and is already responsible for the deaths of countless innocents. His army deliberately places civilians in harms way to slander the reputation of those who would oppose him.”

[ The video cuts to a view of a truck carrying agricultural produce. Androids can be seen gathering fearful civilians close to the truck, immediately before it explodes. There is a noticeable break in the news anchor's voice. ]

“We will not stand idle while this tyrant holds those we serve hostage.”

[ The next scene shown through this strange camera shows the true nature of the camera. Crosshairs light up in the middle of the screen and it zooms in further, showing one of the androids holding a civilian hostage. The camera steadies, centered on the android before it jerks violently. The view comes back in time to show the wreckage it caused, and the hostage narrowly escaping with his life. ]

“If the citizens of Epiphyte wish for change, they have always had the right to cast their ballot. Under Mayor Sethos, we lose not only our rights, but the lives of our neighbors.”

[ The camera catches a brief glimpse of a few corpses before its holder seems to stand. The scope zooms out completely, showing a few hurried steps in the sand of boots clad in black kevlar. The video feed is cut and the broadcast returns to the anchor. She is visibly shaken after viewing the video herself and reading the text. She almost whispers before bursting into tears. The news quickly cuts to another section that's prefaced by an apologetic note from the next reporter after she gets the words out of her mouth. ]

“My baby!”

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