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Headline: Anonymous: Three Million Credit Bounty on Sethos
Agency: INN
Date: 2211-09-14
Location: Epiphyte, Lopanga Confederacy, Annyrion

Good Morning, Spacers! This is the Iridian News Network (INN) with your red-eye forecast. For this morning's news briefs, we have the latest update on the situation in Epiphyte.

«camera shows footage of the exploding produce truck» “The self-proclaimed “Mayor of Epiphyte,” Sethos, has made a statement condemning the Landing Street vehicle bomb attack. He believes the former Lopangan Navy group, 7th Wave is responsible.

However, a strange webcast is making its way around the news wires, and as you will see for yourself, the situation in Epiphyte is about to get more complicated:

«camera shows an empty room, looks like a cement garage with plain walls. A solitary recom sits in a chair directly in front of the webcam. He/She is dressed entirely in black, and is wearing a strange mask that completely conceals his/her face. The mask is “Venetian” in style, with a solid white humanoid face that's topped with dashing black tri-point hat. Whoever the individual is speaks through a voice distorter.»

“Greetings citizens of known space, and especially citizens of Free Lopanga. I reach out to you all today in order to clarify the falsehoods proliferated by Sethos's blatant manipulation of the media outlets. He is in no way a “mayor” - nay, that implies he was actually elected. Hear this: there is NO such thing as a “peaceful invasion.” Sethos, in collaboration with the Martian government, has arrived on Lopangan soil with the intentions to conquer and destroy the free society we have built! We of Free Lopanga WILL NOT stand down!

Sethos alone sanctioned the usage of innocent civilians as recom-shields, just as the warlords of Mars and ancient Terra once did. Sethos is a war-criminal; the blood of those killed on Landing Street, as well as the blood of those 120 civilians who perished at the hands of his android army is on his hands! Neither 7th wave, nor the Ghueri are responsible for the Landing Street attack. We, of ANONYMOUS take full responsibility for the Landing Street attack, and we will proudly continue in our fight to regain freedom for every citizen in Lopanga!

However, unlike Sethos, we do not wish to harm innocent civilians. ANONYMOUS sincerely regrets and mourns those killed by senseless androids on Landing Street. ANONYMOUS does not want to give Sethos any more means to cause further civilian casualties. Therefore, on behalf of ANONYMOUS, I encourage all unarmed civilians, especially those with children, to leave Epiphyte until peace is restored. We regret that it has come to this, but we cannot stand down while our liberties are attacked. FREEDOM is NOT android harassment, police checkpoints, seizing private property, or trade disruptions; and FREEDOM IS CERTAINLY NOT open fire on citizens!

“If you agree with what I have said, ANONYMOUS would like to enlist your help. Through several generous donors, ANONYMOUS is pleased to offer an opening bounty of three million credits for the individual who assassinates and deposes the Martian tyrant Sethos. Do not worry about finding ANONYMOUS; if you are successful, we will certainly find you. This is not a scam; a monetary bounty is only the least of the things we are prepared to offer in gratitude to those who would fight for Free Lopanga and win. In the meantime, unarmed civilians are again urged to heed ANONYMOUS' warnings: leave the city or stay off the streets. If Sethos thinks his androids will wear down our resistance, he is gravely mistaken.

Live free, Lopanga. We will speak again soon. «camera cuts out»

«INN logo flashes» “Not surprisingly, the source of this news leak is anonymous. Speculation is awash on internet message boards, some of which have already been shut down. We will continue to keep you updated…

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