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Headline: Kemetic Church Lends Support to Lopanga Loyalists
Agency: LNN
Date: 2211-09-16
Location: Epiphyte, Lopanga Confederacy, Annyrion

“LNN received the following report from our foreign correspondent, Anitra Thomson, who has made her way into the blockaded city.”

A gazelle wearing a red trenchcoat appears on the screen, with a sunlit, dusty street behind her. “That's right, Dan. I'm within the beseiged city, which is now under a blockade from the combined naval forces of the Lopanga Confederacy and the Annyrion Coalition. They aren't allowing any spacecraft to land, and we're told all air, land and river transport to or from the city is being carefully monitored. The situation here has turned into a stalemate. The space navies can't bring their firepower to bear on a populated city, but Sethos's robots can't leave the city without being targeted from above. We've heard rumors – which I'm unable to confirm at this time – of bandits preying on refugees outside of the city.”

“Meanwhile, the Nisut of the Kemetic Orthodox Church, Her Holiness Hekatawy IV (AUS), appeared at the Temple of Bast and issued a call to arms for the people of Lopanga.”

The video cuts to an image of the temple grounds, with ornately decorated columns rising on either side. A lioness with gray-streaked fur steps forward, wearing robes of white and green, an elaborate beaded collar, and an elaborate white crown with a golden cobra. She begins to speak: “People of Lopanga! The sacred land of Kemet has been invaded by barbarians. Sethos and his robots have stolen from our people, laid claim upon our freedoms, and slain the innocent. They have raised the terrible wrath of great Amun! It is the will of Amun, and of your Nisut, that the barbarians be beaten down, destroyed, and driven out of our land. Know ye faithful that the warriors of Ra will march at your side. Wesir and Bast will protect you. Sutekh and Sekhmet will lend you strength. May Ma'at guide your actions in this blessed cause, until Epiphyte is free! Ankh, udjat, seneb!”

The video cuts back to Anitra. “This kind of direct address to the people from the Nisut is almost unheard of. After the Nisut spoke, I witnessed crowds in the street pumping their fists in the air and chanting 'Ta ma'at amun!' – Amun is truth! It appears that the simmering tension in Epiphyte may be about to boil over once again.”

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