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Headline: Sethos Administration Supports Unrestricted Travel
Agency: ENN
Date: 2211-09-25
Location: Epiphyte, Annyrion

[ From within Epiphyte, a new broadcast is aired by Mayor Sethos. His imposing silhouette is imposed on the video, wings and all. Despite the recent rebellions and action taking in Epiphyte, his teal suit looks as pressing and sharp as ever. ]

“Good evening, Epiphytians. It has come to my attention that not everyone has come to appreciate the clemency I have displayed during my magnanimous time in office.”

[ Sethos straightens his tie a bit, taking a step forward, towards the camera. ]

“Let it be a reminder that it was I who allowed you to leave this city. It was I who allowed those who chose to return to do so unabated. I am the one who isn't blockading the city's transit due to the fear of change. Don't be afraid of change, Epiphytians! We are doing wonderful things here. For the future. For OUR future.”

[ The wolf steps back, licking his teeth for a moment. ]

“Because of increased threat to our citizens, I am enforcing a curfew starting tonight. Those who are seen outside without permission may be subject to arrest, search, or punishment to the full extent of the law. Be off the streets by no later than 10 PM.”

[ Sethos bows while grinning. ]

“Thank you, Epiphyte.”

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