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Headline: Epiphyte Remains Paralyzed by Violence
Agency: ANN
Date: 2211-09-30
Location: Epiphyte, Lopanga Confederacy, Annyrion

[ An ANN news reporter, a male fox with grey fur, sits at the 'News Desk'. ] “-nd that's it for the latest on-the-dot weather. Our next story is about the crisis in Epiphyte. For this special report, A-N-N has teamed up with a local Epiphytian news channel for critical and up to date information regarding Mayor Sethos' recent military coup of our neighbor. Tricia?”

[ The camera switches to the outside of Epiphyte, where it pans over the many tents and recoms that have surrounded Epiphyte. A narrative voice describes what's happening.] “…Hundreds of recoms now stand outside of Epiphyte without homes, food, or running water. Refugees to the new Sethos regime, these people are held captive by their fear. Both the military blockades on air and space travel and the rumors of bandits on the roads discourage them from leaving these camps in the deserts and fields outside of town. Yet the occasional sounds of explosion and the sporadic attacks on and by Sethos' robots have made many unwilling to return to their homes and businesses.”

[ The camera then switches to Tricia, a female tabby recom. Behind her is the scene just recently laid out in the previous panel. ] “Yes. Thank you, Jack. Despite the supposed generosity of Mayor Sethos, many fellow recoms stand outside of Epiphyte today, seeking asylum from the inner city violence. With me here today is Samuel.”

[ Tricia walks over and the camera pans with her to focus on her interview with a mole recom. ] “Samuel used to be the owner of a local butcher shop, now forced to leave the city. Samuel, why did you leave the city? What are the conditions out here?”

[ The mole jitters nervously while fiddling with his hands. ] “W-well, Sethos' robots were everywhere. They stood outside of our shops. Of our homes. T-they have the whole city co-covered and the murders haven't s-s-stopped. Just y-yesterday, our n-n-nephew was killed trying t-to-to leave the city. We just w-w-want to g-g-g-g-go home.”

[ The camera refocuses on Tricia, she looks quite emotional over Samuel's response. ] “Is this the type of man we want running our city? Turning his back on his own citizens and murdering as if he were a psychopath? Some people disagree.”

[ Now the camera is following Tricia into the city. There are robots stationed at almost every block with the occasional patrol walking down the street. Nearby, recoms are painting over rebel graffiti. A building off to the left appears to be under construction of some sort. ] “There are others in this place who agree with Sethos and argue that he only has the best interests of Epiphyte in mind. Behind me, an abandoned building is being converted into a soup kitchen for those who have lost their homes. Reports also have come in saying that new schools are being erected throughout the city.”

[ Back to Jack, the Fox. ] “Thanks, Tricia. From inside witnesses, the death toll for Epiphyte has nearly doubled since the events of the initial takeover, having broken what we believe to be two hundred deaths just this morning. Deaths and injuries continue to rise as Epiphytian clinics struggle to keep up with the flux of outpatient recoms. Feel strongly about the Epiphyte crisis? Call or write to ANN and let us know how you feel.”

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