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Headline: Epiphyte Liberated!
Agency: ANN
Date: 2211-11-23
Location: Epiphyte, Lopanga Confederacy, Annyrion

[ The camera pans to Don O'Ryan, ANN newscaster and handsome reptile. ]

“We've just learned of new events in the Epiphyte crisis. In a surprising turn, it appears that the robotic menace has been neutralized, ending the 77-day occupation of the city. Let's hear from Jesse Greene, with on-the-spot broadcasting.”

[ Indeed, the camera feed from the top left corner of the screen expands to fills the broadcast. A raccoon holding the microphone, Jesse, reports on the events behind her. A pile of burning robots are stacked several feet away and robots are being driven in vehicles towards the spaceport. ]

“Well, Don- In a shocking turn of events, at 9:02 PM today, all the invading androids ceased functioning. Not thirty minutes before this, Seventh Wave ships had fired upon a warehouse with small Gatling cannons. We can only assume that Seventh Wave is behind the liberation, but information remains limited at this time.”

[ Jesse walks to the side a little to give a better view of the burning robots. ]

“Now Epiphytians gather en masse to not only celebrate their returned freedom, but to burn the robotic remains and ship off what scrap metal they can. According to our sources with the Seventh Wave, it is not clear how the robots were made or who made them as many parts do not exist to known databases.”

[ The camera pans to Jesse. ]

“Lopanga may be some time in returning to normal. Refugees encamped outside the walls are beginning to return home, but their leader has yet do do so. The office of Secretary Paris was not able to tell us anything about her whereabouts. Many other questions remain, such as the fate of Mayor Sethos and the long-term consequences of the occupation on the freedom-loving residents of Epiphyte. We will be keeping an ear out for new information. Back to you, Don.”

[ The camera switches back to Don. ]

“Well, it seems like events in Epiphyte have taken a turn for the better. We here at ANN would like to offer a moment of silence for those lost in the Epiphyte crisis, and better tidings for all who were involved.”

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