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The Weekly Comet

Issue #28 “Your galaxy, your gossip - Coming at ya!”

Memorial Gala Goes Off Without a Hitch

The Meteor Memorial Gala on Luna was a certifiable success this year. Donations for the reconstruction and refurbishment of Alpha Dome and its displaced residents came to just over 1.2 million credits. Keynote speakers included several senior members of the Lunar Council and numerous captains of industry in Sol. LC Press Secretary Summer Robbin told the Comet: “The goal of doing this each year is not just to remember those we lost, but we want people to think of how we can take Luna beyond this tragedy and into the future.” When asked for comment on a permanent meteor memorial, Luna officials are undecided. “We would like to 'audition' some ideas for a permanent site from different artists, and then get the public involved, but there is no timeline on this at present,” said LC Senior Member, Zeta Turnley.

Martians Invading Our Hospitals?

(guest column by Tiffany Tallidara) Designer Genes, The Knight System, Claude Chevalier - what do these things have in common? Through an anonymously supplied source, I have learned that Designer Genes is not just out for a corporate monopoly, they may be after your personal data too! Understandably, we want doctors to have access to patient records no matter what world treatment happens on. However, the Knight System poses a much greater risk of leaked personal data and surveillance by the Martian government, since the company is based in Amundsen. The Knight System is currently under review by the board of the Interstellar Healthcare Association and Chevalier is lobbying hard for his cause. I was not able to reach any member for comment, but I urge readers to speak to their physicians and local legislators; patient confidentiality should not come at a premium.

Police in Pursuit of Nude Bicycle Riding Club

Cephalon's laid-back upper-west side bohemian scene has an unwelcome, too laid-back addition these days. “There about six of them [naked bicyclists] now,” says Marcy Cravenwood of Nautilus St. “It started as one guy biking around the block at midnight - we just thought he was drunk, so no one paid any attention. But now? These guys randomly show up at 3 in the afternoon when I'm picking my kids up-I can't have that!” The Oceania Police Dept. has retained a sketch artist, hoping residents are willing to come forward and provide tips about the six. In the meantime, naturalist groups are quick to defend the under-dressed cyclist group. “What is so offensive about bare bodies anyway? It's nothing we don't all have,” says David Skortol, 45, of the Oceania Naturalist Association (ONA).

Stranded at Suma Minor: Avalanche Risk Closes North DeLansur Trail

AC Peacekeepers are working round the clock to safely evacuate members of an Annyrion University research team stationed at the basecamp of Suma Minor. One of the more famous peaks of the Summayya Mountain range, Suma Minor is the last fringe of civilization available to the military or educational personnel who make their livelihood in Inaria's arctic north. Unfortunately, a recent heat wave has caused two avalanches already, which have blocked and damaged parts of Route 154 North. No one was reported hurt or missing, but as a precaution, all expeditions into the mountains have been put on hold, and a roadblock is now in place. “I've been out here something like five years,” Lt. Sandram, 34, AC Peacekeepers, “I'm stationed at Alkali Lake camp, and we've never had so many issues with avalanches and rockfalls as we have this year.” Peacekeepers expect to airlift those remaining at Suma Minor out by the end of this week; however, the winds and lack of available landing areas post-avalanche are making the job slower and more difficult than anticipated.

Boys' Night out

Designer Morrie Firth and new boy-toy, Cameron Xleh were spotted dining al fresco at the Charter House this past Sunday; they were later joined by four male members of Cephalon Ballet. Later this summer, it is expected Firth will throw his 'white' party - a lavish, annual affair on his private yacht, which is attended by the hottest performers and bodies in known space.

What a good cause!

Swank Productions swathed the dusty city in red carpet… and Lopangan-flag pasties! Several prominent starts in the adult industry attended the live showing of STRIP FOR PEACE, an interpretive dance act featuring buxom robots and several dancers wearing mask replicas of Secretary of State Paris's face. The Comet was able to attend the event and bring you the following kinda-safe-for-work images!

Genes Freezing Over?

Vladimir Ivanovich of Designer Genes may be icy in the interview room with journalists, and ruthless when it comes to leveling the corporate field on Amundsen; however seems he's warming up to none other than newly single socialite, Sharon Aster. The two were initially spotted leaving the Meteor Memorial Gala, then resurfaced days later sharing a kiss at Ogilvy's (which our Comet spies have captured here!) and a quiet meal in Annyrion city the week after that. A blue-blooded princess dallying with a corporate bloodline appraiser? Park Terrace may freeze over, but we won't comment on the irony! Unrelated: Designer Genes Stock is expected to climb steadily this quarter…


(OOC: If you would like to place an ad, just p #mail Flame with the text.)

Comet Personals

Take your search for love into the stars! Personal ads are free up to 160chars. 18+ only!

  • M4M - Seeks young “page” boys to meet me at the Lunar Public library bathroom. +42949 Alpha Dome only. Will pay you to wash and lick your sweaty feet. Those toes deserve a tickle, don't they?
  • W4M - Seeking a horse of course. Annyrion City hooves get to the front of the line! +932939
  • M4W – MILFS wanted NOW!
  • T4mW - Wanted: someone to try on women's panties with me. You try, I buy! Any boutique in Annyrion City.
  • M4W - Looking for my lovely Luna princess. Why not have a little fun behind daddy's back…?
  • MW4MW/WW - Annyrion City swingers wanted for Kamikatan spa vacation with adventurous couple. Must be D&D free and ready to party! +3345003
  • H4MW - Looking for a girl with something “extra?” …then I can be your man. +4490911
  • M4WM - Submissive sissy disguised as a macho exec still needs his spanking! Hurry!
  • W4W - Thrill seeker seeking discreet thrills; will pamper the right woman. Savakatan. +667271


  • Musicians/performers needed for upscale nightclub in Newport, Oceania. Inquire in person at Ray's Cabaret, located in the Bay Street Plaza.
  • The Amazon Rangers want YOU for the adventure of a lifetime. Call or click to speak to a recruiter today!
  • Love water? Join the IDF Oceanguard - officers needed!
  • Protect the galaxy and your freedom: join the Annyrion Coalition. Sign-up bonuses for those who qualify. (OOC: page #mail Fantozi).
  • Are you an Angel? Auditions at Desray Station's famous Blue Angel cabaret are being held now to seek out fresh talent. Come on and show us what you got. Ladies only!


  • Song - Hibachi-inspired dining, hip atmosphere. 2end Avenue, Cephalon
  • Crater Café - Best coffee in Amundsen. Martian Warren, Lapine St. Tunnel.
  • Club Heaven - Rogue St, Cephalon. 3 floors of music–start in the inferno lounge and dance your way to the Paradise bar! Ladies' night every Saturday.
  • Lumiere's - 5-star cuisine over Cephalon Marina. Make your reservations today.
  • Cryptic Star - Drink specials, live entertainment, exotic dancers. East Annyrion City.
  • Malty's - For the gentlefur of canine persuasion. Come out (leave your b— at home) and help us celebrate summer! West Annyrion city, Inaria Blvd.
  • Desray Station - The place to unwind in orbit! Shopping, food and the best entertainment you can have without having to land. Mention this ad and receive half-off admission to a show at the Blue Angel Cabaret and a complimentary drink at the Bottlenose Saloon.
  • Tired of the daily grind? Why not take a vacation today! Visit the Nevan Island Nexus on Oceania. Beach cabanas, boardwalks and more! (OOC: Check out our new JUMPROOM destinations!!!)
  • The Warhol, Cephalon - Where art meets entertainment; nightly drink specials. Proper attire required. 2nd Avenue.

Comet Real Estate

  • Mars - Amundsen City and Warren housing! Close to downtown and terminal
  • Tempest Complex - Live-la-vida-Luna! Apartments are available NOW. Prices starting from 300 credits. <Claim> your new home today!
  • Cephalon - Fully refurbished brownstones are waiting for new owners, just minutes from downtown Cephalon along Delmar Ave & Lyoness Way. 1-2 bedroom floor plans, second floor entry.
  • Epiphyte City - Adobe residences, close to Market Street. Contact Zinn for details.
  • Amundsen, Mars - Split level home with attached gardens. Sale includes furniture left by estate. Contact Bluefox Builders.
  • Cephalon - Charming bungalow near the west end. Would make a great starter home! Close to downtown, university. Price negotiable! Contact Bluefox Builders.
  • Port Annakis - Duplex, close to the village center. Price Negotiable.
  • Desray Station - Apartments available on the residential zone (level 3). Great amenities for spacers and unbeatable convenience! <Claim> your new home today!
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