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The Seventh Wave

The 7th Wave began as a pirate organization.

Firefox and Pandora began construction of a fleet and reformed 7th Wave. Setting up base in Epiphyte, the faction went on to defend the Lopanga Confederacy in the Annyrion Civil War. In exchange, Pandora brokered a deal with the Secretary of State, Paris, to grant 7W full amnesty– and to this day, 7W remains the standing navy of Free Lopanga. A couple of years later though, Pandora and Firefox had a massive falling out–Firefox in turn attempted a mutiny, but was unsuccessful. Pandora now has sole command of the fleet and continues actively furnish the best interests of 7W.

OOC information

7th Wave, ICly also known as the Lopanga Navy, is always seeking crew members for a variety of positions. Pay and rank are both commensurate with IC experience (e.g. If you are icly a veteran pilot [who already might have a ship and know LITE space basics, your job/pay grade would be different than a rookie helmsman). A complete [realistic!] cinfo is a must, along with the ability to comprehend and separate IC/OOC communication. If you have TP ideas or something new and different to bring to the table, that's cool too, but do keep in mind we are a bit different than your average generic 'pirate group.'

If you are interested in applying, please p #mail Pandora or Orion, tell us a bit about your character and why you want them to join 7W. We are more interested in people finding a good 'fit' with us than merely aquiring crew members who will idle out or who oocly have no interest in who we are and what we do. IC residents of the Lopangan Confederacy are particularly encouraged to apply, but this is not a requirement. Thanks for reading and if there are any questions, shoot them over!

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