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Conversation with Darkwater, Eva, and Whitefang turns up some possible dates, and Darkwater proposes some additions to the timeline (or at least Tesla's timeline) So ~april 2202 Skiltaire arrived, 2203 meteor holes the dome, month later fighting starts and Tesla leaves, then 2206 or so an asteroid breaks the dome?

- Abiri

2201: After another string of ships lost to hyperspace. Privet citizens of means gather funds to begin the development of a privet research and exploration effort. The design of a new ship begins at the directing of a single figurehead of the venture. The ones finding the effort are kept hidden.

2002: A Skiltaire sublight ship arrives in Sol System. Observatories track the ship as it slows to a parking position near the main space lanes and stops. Tensions run high at first, comunications are atempted but found to be hard at first. A few privet ships have to be chased off after making threatening manuvers at the alien ship. After a few months of atemps basic comunications are established. SDF corrdon off a 1 light minute area around the ship after inspections reveal the propulsion system is fueled off slush hydrogen and the amount of fuel on board the ship is calculated. SDF personal and scientists make several trips to the Skiltaire ship and arangments are made to tow the ship through hyperspace to the Planet Amazon to attempt their colonization there.

2202: The Skiltaire Engineers and ship crew are invited to join the exploration efforts and join the gathering scientists and ship crew that are working on the new designs. Soon their effort helps out with new systems for the ship.

2203 Construction on the new ship is completed late in the year as tensions between Mars and Luna escalate among rumors that a faction of the Mars liberation front had sent the asteroid into Alpha Dome. Soon people are taking sides and there are rumors that privateer ships are being gathered on each side. Later in the year those capable of making it to the new ship through the growing tensions. The ship is quickly christened as the crew piles in what supplies they can get. The Exploration Vessel Nicola Tesla is launched under the protective eye of the SDF. All 1,348.32 meters of ship are soon escorted through the jump gate, forcing the gate to its maximum size, radio chatter recorded at the time reflect the hostilities had started as reports of ships firing on each other prompt the SDF ships to immediately turn and head to the conflict

2203 The E.V. Nicola Tesla completes the first part of the mission, laying out new beacon constellations in Hyperspace farther out then the older ones to help ships that get off course. Supply companies are contacts and the remaining supplies that could not make it to the Sol system are delivered to the E.V. Nicola Tesla In Hyperspace. Proving that the new constellations work and that ships can dock in hyperspace.

2203 Last transmitions are receaved and relayed by the beacons. Everything is reported as green and their misison remains fixed. Several static bursts happening for weeks after are reported as possible atempts to communicate but not able to be confirmed.


DarkWater purrs deeply, “then if that stands 2207 : Three years pluss one of the mission logged for the E.V. Nicola tesla it would be listed as lost to hyperspace with no further comunications.

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