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Commands you need

After creating and setting up your character, here's the list of commands you need to know:

Talk with players page <person> = <message>
Roleplay @emit <your contribution to the ongoing story>
Or… Just type a colon : at the beginning of a line for an @emit beginning with your character's name.

Yep. That's it.

Some possibly useful commands

Read someone's description look <person>
Read someone's character info cinfo <person>
Talk OOC to people in the room OOC <message>
Talk OOC on the Chat channel chat <message>
Send a big chunk of text @paste <person>
Leave a message for someone page #mail <person> = <message>
Leave a message for everyone +write
Show others whether you're free to RP or not goIC or goOOC
See who's free to RP findall
See a notification when someone logs in watchfor <person>
Invite or be invited (OOC) to a RP spot msummon <person> or mjoin <person>
Get around quickly (OOC) jumproom or tport
Refreshes misbehaving connection without resetting idle time * @idle

*For example, in BeipMU, you can set a five-minute refresh with /idle 5 @idle . Other MU clients may have a menu option for setting timers.

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