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Travel, IC and OOC

  • IC: What's realistic and reasonable according to theme and really happening in the game world
  • OOC: Things known only to the players and actions and messages produced by the MUCK's coded systems.

You can find out where other players have their characters by typing findall. You can use the jumproom command to set your character down in another part of the MUCK, and use room exits to move around the area. However, remember to come up with an IC explanation for how and why your character got there. IC, there is no magic instantaneous travel to someone's living room, no day trip to another star system, and your character wouldn't be allowed to wander through a military base without proper authorization.

Where should I start?

Wherever there's people playing! One good starting place is downtown Annyrion City. If you don't see any awake characters around, just ask on the chat channel if anyone wants to play.

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