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This is just a draft list of corporate entities in the Furscape universe.





NPC Corporations

Sternmetal Horizons - Missiles

General Products - ETG weapons

Delphini Industries Oceania - ECM

Caterpillar - industrial equipment (bulldozers, exoskeletons, etc…)

New Philadelphia Shipyards - starship construction

United Telephone - multi-world, local-scale telecom.

Hagalaz's Random NPC "In the Background" Corporations

These exist solely because names were needed for Thinora System-based corporations in the course of roleplay.

Akechi Motors - manufacturer of exoskeletons.

Tensor Biosciences (soon to be renamed) - organ replacement, large-scale biotech projects.

Starck Industries - starship and starship weapons design and construction.

Coherent Light - random policorporate entity from the early colonial days.

Poseidon Global Technologies - (sorry, Shirow Masamune ^.^;;) - random industrial conglomerate.

Vosper-Babbage - Spacecraft and asteroid-mining

Executive Decisions Incorporated - commercial security firm.

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