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(Note: The Dallen are currently unavailable as a species for character generation, and have been included in the Wiki for informational purposes only. - Hagalaz)

The Dallen

The Dallen are a mysterious spacefaring race who once colonized Annyrion, several thousand years ago, then abandoned the planet. Archaeologists have pieced together some information about them.

The Dallen were a herbivorous species who were militantly hostile toward carnivores. They ritually hunted and sacrificed carnivorous animal species. Their empire appears to have fought multiple wars against intelligent races of carnivores and omnivores. It is known that Dallen enslaved some omnivorous species, such as the Eisshari, but were unable to co-exist with pure carnivores in any way.

The reason why the Dallen abandoned Annyrion is unknown, but the Eisshari they left behind formed a primitive (bronze age) culture which persists to the present time. The location of the Dallen homeworld or other colony worlds is unknown, and it is not known whether the Dallen civilization still exists somewhere in our galaxy. One interpretation of artifacts discovered in the Perception Mountains postulates that the Dallen fleet pointed their ships in the direction of Epsilon Orionis over two thousand years ago, but whether that was their final destination or merely a waypoint is unknown.

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