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(Note: the Eisshari are an NPC species. Players needing to interact with one beyond casual spoofing for purposes of RP should contact staff for assistance. - Hagalaz)

The Eisshari are an alien species superficially resembling reptiles, but actually unrelated to any earthly life forms. Their world of origin is unknown, but they are believed to be an uplifted client species brought as slaves to Annyrion by the Dallens several thousand years ago. After the Dallens left Annyrion, the remaining Eisshari formed a bronze-age society which would have continued to present-day, if not for the arrival of the colonists from Sol System.

Most Eisshari settlement is on the Inaria continent, although archaeological evidence of Eisshari habitation have been found in Lopanga as well. Their settlement history on other continents is mostly unknown. The original settlement of Earth recoms on Annyrion – at Annyrion City – resulted in friendly relations and the formation of the Annyrion Colonist - Eisshari Coalition.

Many Eisshari have picked up some recom language and habits, becoming integrated into the larger society to varying degrees, but they still rarely leave their homelands.


Annyrion City, created by Terran colonists, has grown up around the southern wall of what is now known as the Eisshari District. Eissharikatan in the Eisshari language means “Stronghold of the People”. And that is almost exactly what this city is. About 12 000 Eisshari live in this city, making it a very large population as Eisshari go. Eissharikatan is surrounded by red stone walls, which may mean that at one time, the Eisshari were at war. The buildings of this city are usually square shaped, but some are dome-shaped. There are many street stalls in Eissharikatan, and traders walk the stone streets on a frequent basis.

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