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Note: Earth is considered “off-limits” to all people in the Furscape universe - at this point there is still a deep racial memory that it is contaminated, and that anyone venturing there will bring something malicious back and wipe out life throughout Known Space. Players wishing to explore Earth and/or attempt to bring artifacts back from its surface must consult with Roleplay Staff. - Hagalaz

During the first half of the 21st Century, civilization on Earth developed advanced genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, and molecular nanotechnology. The people of Earth created genetically-modified humanoids, or “recoms” and robots to be their servants, and many other wonders. They conquered aging and disease, and they expanded their civilization to other parts of Sol System, putting colonies on Luna, Mars, and scattered through the Astreroid Belt.

Then came the Apocalypse War. . . Nuclear, biological, chemical and nanotechnological weapons were unleashed, and all the wonders of advanced technology were turned into horrors of death and destruction. Ultimately the entire surface of the planet was turned into a radioactive wasteland, prowled only by war machines and creatures playing host to unnumbered biowarfare agents. The only survivors were those who escaped into space before the devastation was complete.

The question of whether Earth will eventually recover has been open to debate for decades. After roughly 200 years, some of the radiation has subsided, and the chemical weapons have long dispersed. Most of the war machines have probably broken down or run out of power and munitions by now.

However, Earth has a new ecosystem of nanomachines, as well as creatures mutated over generations by exposure to radioactives and hazardous chemicals. These creatures also provide a vector for exposure to biowarfare agents that have mutated beyond the wildest dreams of their creators.

Anybody venturing into Earth's atmosphere risks being attacked by nanoconstructs or native flora or fauna – and worse, risks bringing the mutated descendants of biowarfare agents such as anthrax, tularemia, botulinum, etc. . . back to Luna, or Mars, or the other inhabited colonies of our space. For this reason, Earth remains under strict quarantine. To go there, or to bring back any artifacts from Earth, is strictly prohibited.

Nonetheless, a few daring – or desperate – lawbreakers occasionally venture to Earth, attempting to salvage some of its legendary treasures or technology. The vast majority of these are stopped by a contingent of spacecraft from the Space Defense Force permanently stationed in Earth orbit.

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