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Luna was the first off-world colony established. The discovery of water on Luna, the discovery of huge underground volcanic “bubbles” which could be converted to habitats, and the development of polywell fusion reactors, all paved the way for the original small outposts to grow rapidly. Luna Colony was originally overseen directly by the United Nations, but later the Luna Council was established as an independent government.


The “dome” habitats of Luna are entirely underground, defying the popular image of geodesic domes on the surface – which would be vulnerable to radiation, meteorite impacts, or simple air leakage. Instead the habitats have been constructed in spherical chambers far underground. Most of these chambers were the product of ancient volcanic activity. The bottom half of the chamber is typically filled in, leaving a dome-shaped hemisphere to be inhabited.

Early in Luna Colony's history, many visitors complained about not being able to see much on the ground above the domes, and certainly nothing that looked like a dome. Eventually the Luna Council ordered the construction of fake domes on the surface. These domes are nothing more than gigantic masses of aerogel, and are not even located directly above the actual habitats. However, they've served a useful purpose in placating tourists, and have become iconic landmarks of Luna.

The largest habitats were Alpha Dome, Beta Dome and Gamma Dome. Smaller domes were used for storage and industrial or commercial facilities. Gamma Dome was destroyed in 2067. Alpha Dome was destroyed by a supposedly targeted asteroid strike in early 2206 but has since been largely rebuilt because of its great economic importance. A previously abandoned area before the asteroid disaster, Beta Dome, housed a hidden society of criminals. After the disaster, it became the staging ground for the repairs to Alpha Dome. One of the most notable smaller domes is the natural habitat of Sigma Dome, which has long been the site of an important biological archive and research project known as Ark II.

There are some other facilities on the surface of the moon, including the spaceport. The huge radio telescopes of Drake Observatory are located on the “far side” of the moon, opposite from Earth and the dome habitats.

Society and Culture

Ever since the Apocalypse War, Luna has been the traditional center of recom civilization. Luna has always had a very diverse population with all types of recoms mixing freely, and a high tolerance for mutants, eccentric lifestyles, and exotic subcultures which might not be so easily tolerated on – for example – Mars. Luna also has a history of stable government and the rule of law, and a strong record of civil rights. However, its government tends towards socialist programs, centralized planning and extensive bureaucracy. The Luna Council has 15 members, including eight-year councilors Errol Olne and Cleveland Blake.

Due to the enclosed habitat nature of the lunar colonies, a number of laws and customs are present on Luna that aren't generally found on planets with atmospheres. Recycling and waste management are considered on-par with life support, and wasteful use of resources is frowned upon, an attitude that dates back to the days immediately following the Apocalypse War. Smoking, while not outlawed, is also frowned upon. Actions or items that threaten the integrity of the colony's physical structures, especially in areas where vacuum exists on the other side of a wall, are covered by a whole section of lunar law.


The Space Defense Force (SDF) handles the external defense of Luna as part of its operations in Sol System.

The Lunar Police Force (sometimes referred to as Luna Defense Force) continues to serve as the nation's civil defense and law enforcement agency.

Low gravity

Luna is particularly popular as a home for winged recoms. The low gravity – about 1/6th G – combines with full atmosphere inside the spacious dome habitats to make a perfect environment for some small bird and bat recoms to spread their wings.

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