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Pick any TWO of the following:

  • Relativity.
  • Causality.
  • Realspace faster-than-light travel.

How Things Work

While there are currently no methods of traveling faster than light in realspace, Furscape does offer a method of getting there quickly. Seeded throughout known space are hyperspace jumpgates, some of recom origin and others built by aliens, that allow access to a realm of subspace that allows for faster travel.

A starship travels through realspace to a jumpgate. Upon arriving, the ship activates the jumpgate and enters hyperspace. Once in hyperspace, it is possible to detect the beacon signals that link jumpgates together, and follow that signal to another jumpgate. There is no theoretical limit to the distance a ship can travel through hyperspace; a ship is limited only by the amount of fuel and reaction mass it carries, and by the presence (or lack) of a jumpgate at the destination coordinates.

Upon reaching the second jumpgate's position in hyperspace, a signal is broadcast and the jumpgate creates an opening allowing the ship to exit hyperspace and return to realspace.

(See the player's guide for tips on roleplaying space travel.)

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