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 Kago, by Salmagundi

Basic info

Short Description Six feet tall; two toes, three fingers; no fur; orange skin with open-faced, dark stripes; a vaguely feline face; white goatee and thick mutton chops; long, white hair tied back in a thick waist-length braid
Homeworld Jalan
Birthdate July 3, 2168 (estimated by Coalition customs office)
Apparent age Looks to be in his mid-40's.
Gender Male
Species Recom, vaguely feline
Height about 6ft (~185cm)
Weight over 200 lbs (>90kg)

Background and personality

Kago doesn't feel it's anyone's business to know all about him. What he'll tell you is that he was raised in a remote part of Jalan learning under the strict teachings and disciplines of a monastic order away from the distractions of modern life. It was only recently he decided he should learn new things and set out on his personal quest. One very terrifying ride through space later he found himself in a seedy part of Inaria where he was promptly taken down and mugged in a back alley. What a way to begin a new life!

Personality An older, flirtatious chap with a mischievous gleam in his eye. He always looks like he's plotting something behind that laid back visage. He can drink anyone under a table and loves a good soak in a hot bath house with a good book.
Reputation Not especially well-known
Hobbies Living life! No, really. Kago was sheltered most of his life and he loves learning new things, seeing new sights and watching. He loves reading a lot, so a library is like heaven to him.
Skills Aside from knowing ridiculous martial arts moves, Kago learns quite fast. He has a strangely natural proficiency with all aspects of computers.
Occupation Kago is a monk. He does monk things. More recently he got involved with transportation security and was hired on by the police as an undercover agent. He mostly does his own thing these days, but occasionally they'll call upon him for help.
Residence He was staying in a scruffy motel in Annyrion City (next door to Abiri), but is now spending more time looking after an otherwise disused warehouse and his pet project there.

Recent events

Fun facts

Player preferences

Online times

* I'm open to almost any TP idea, however that which involves my character's death is NOT an option.

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