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Abiri "Bee" Vichadense

 Abiri Vichadense, by StoneCircle, commissioned by Kago

Basic info

Short Description Green, slender, scaly, snaky (also legless)
Homeworld Annyrion
Birthdate August 30, 2189
Apparent age Early twenties
Gender Androgyne
Species Recom, snake
Height Usually about 5ft (152cm), total length of 15ft (457cm)
Weight 265 lbs (120kg)

Background and personality

Fresh out of college with a liberal arts degree, Bee is currently working as a freelance artist crafting trinkets and so far free to travel wherever whims (and finances) allow.

Personality Bee is usually cheery, frequently (too) inquisitive, and always on the lookout for impromptu art supplies.
Reputation Not especially well-known
Affiliation Citizen of the Annyrion Coalition
Hobbies Work is play, usually. See 'occupation'.
Skills A little bit a lot of things, from knitting and tie-dying to minor welding and carpentry
Occupation Crafting jewelry and small sculptures, often with found or repurposed objects. One person's trash can become another person's treasure… or at least more interesting trash.
Residence Not one to be tied down, Bee's got a deal on a room at a rather scruffy extended-stay motel in downtown Annyrion City. (A friend, Kago, has been a neighbor there.)

Recent events

Bee started hanging around Annyrion City as of mid 2210. It was in this normally peaceful city that Bee had an unpleasant experience with some other folks' feud, and so took up the habit of carrying a canister of pepper spray (decorated, of course). Having hitched a ride with Spots and Moonshard, Bee spent a few months in early 2211 on Oceania and Desray Station.

Not long after, Bee went to Epiphyte, spending some time with Sandhia, then continued to live in town until shortly after Sethos' coup d'etat. Shak'al and his connections helped Bee get out of the besieged town and out of Lopanga, though not without some trouble. In these more peaceful (if not much safer) times, Bee actually gone back to visit Epiphyte on a few occasions since.

After some time in Port Annakis, Bee headed back to Annyrion City with Laine. Bee's currently enjoying the culture, companionship, and dumpster diving of city life there.

Fun facts


  • Taste/Smell: about average for a recom - flattish muzzle
  • Hearing: bit below average - no radar ears, just slight ridges around the ear holes
  • Daytime Vision: average
  • Dark Vision: fair, but not enough to read by starlight
  • Thermoception: able to detect very small differences from the surrounding temperature, but with poor spatial resolution at any distance (i.e. 'sensitive but very blurry')

Player preferences

Online times I am in the Eastern US time zone. Most evenings are good. My schedule on Friday and weekend afternoons varies.
  • I usually end up in the non-violent conversation kinds of scenes, but pretty much anything within the theme is prime roleplay material.
  • I also like being involved with widely-spanning plots! Large scenes can get a bit overwhelming, though, so poking about the periphery of them is usually the most fun spot for me.
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