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Moonshard Evergreen

 (Photo by SomeDirection) No, Moonshard doesn't really look like this. Want to draw me a picture? Pretty please?

Basic info

Short Description Thin, toned, delicate build, silver fur with black stripes and spots
Homeworld Oceania
Birthdate December 7, 2189
Apparent age Early twenties
Gender Female
Species Recom, snow leopard
Height 5ft 6in (168cm)
Weight 119 lbs (54kg)

Background and personality

Born on Oceania, Moonshard was treated to a very relaxed lifestyle… at least insofar as one could expect while being an experiment. Before her birth, her parents enrolled in a new genetic testing program. This resulted in her birth with glowing hair follicles. Apart from her birth, Moonshard's childhood was pretty much like any other child's: going to school, studying, etc.

It was found early on that she showed a love of working with mechanical objects… the more complex, the better. This passion never vanished as she went from highschool into university, though halfway through her university years, she decided to try becoming a nurse, which in the end ultimately didn't feel completely right to her. Finishing university, she set out upon the worlds to find a starship and continue her passion.

Personality The air she usually portrays is very confident and friendly. Being set in her morals, Moonshard does her best to stand up for the duties she has been given. A lot of the time, she is fairly calm and collected, preferring to be observant. However, she is driven by her heart rather then her mind, which gets her into all sorts of troubles. This leaves her with an eternal kindness that cannot be eroded. Children are her greatest weakness; she cares very deeply for them and will do anything to protect a child, even if it should mean her life. On the flip-side, however, she can be quite quick to anger should someone rub her the wrong way or step on her morals. She is not one to keep her opinions bottled; instead, she will let you know exactly what she thinks of you. When she works, she can be all over the place; she has once been told she resembled an old TV character from Earth named “The Doctor”.
Reputation Not especially well-known
Affiliation Citizen of Oceania
Hobbies Working on starships, mainly their engine compartments. Enjoys sitting in parks and taking her time to enjoy the scenery when she has the chance. Swordmanship, usually with the rapier. Reading.
Skills Swordsmanship, Starship Engineering Training, Enough medical training to handle herself in a situation should it arise.
Occupation Ship's engineer with a moderate amount of medical knowledge.
Residence Aboard the ship where she works

Recent events

Invited and accepted a position as engineer on Spots' freighter, the Drifter. She does not have a crush on her captain, seriously.

Fun facts

Though invisible by daylight, Moonshard's hair follicles emit a faint glow that is transmitted by her translucent fur to create an effect like a silvery aura.

Player preferences

Online times New Zealand EST. All day on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.

* No preferences for plots or RP's. Enjoys any.

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