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Mark "Spots" Taranis

 (Photo credit: digitalART2) No, Spots doesn't really look like this. Want to draw me a picture? Pretty please?

Basic info

Short Description Very tall with a wiry build under black-spotted fluffy white fur
Homeworld Oceania
Birthdate April 27, 2184
Apparent age Mid twenties
Gender Male
Species Recom, Amur leopard
Height 6ft 3in (191cm)
Weight 163lbs (74kg)

Background and personality

Spots is from an upper-class suburban family on Oceania, the only child of an engineer and businessperson. His relationship with family is still strong, but as he is fairly independent, he has only a loose connection with them.

He enlisted in a leadership program with the Iridian Defensive Forces at age 16 to get money for university. After studying in the classroom for two years, he served two years with the Artillery Corps, then returned for two more years to complete his degree while working for the private sector.

In starship design as a co-op, he worked on large-scale ship integration. By the time he graduated from university, he'd helped the company invent an entirely modular method of designing starships that cut ship design work by magnitudes. The freighter he flies (the Drifter) was the first prototype. As a design engineer on retainer, he swaps the old modules out for the new ones as kind of a shake-down test.

Personality Independent, cheeky, eccentric
Reputation Not especially well-known
Affiliation Citizen of Oceania
Hobbies mechanical engineering illustration, ogling young women
Skills Advanced degrees in Systems Engineering and in Artificial Intelligence
Occupation Independent trader
Residence On board his ship

Recent events

He is definitely not developing a romantic relationship with Moonshard. Really.

Fun facts

Player preferences

Online times Online most days, weekdays from 6-10 CST
  • Prefers decent grammar and spelling.
  • Descriptive poses are important.
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