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Title No way I'd -let- anyone win
IC date 2210-08-05
Location Annyrion City, Annyrion
Summary Friendly bit of exercise in the ring
Characters Kalysa, Tash, Thomas

Early evening at the Sports Center in Annyrion City sees many local recoms going about their routine exercise. Many of the weights and machines are spoken for, as well as a number of the punching bags and other equipment. The sparring ring, however, is less frequently used. While it typically doesn't go an entire night without being used, the nature of it discourages anyone from using it for extended periods of time in the interest of their own health. Still, there are those that are very hard to discourage from such activities… most of them are used to winning. Like her peers in this genre of sports, Kalysa displays a particular air of confidence, standing with her arms folded and her back against the wall near the ring as she waits for a worthy challenger. She's wearing a standard helmet, her typical sport bra and shorts, and wraps to protect the otherwise exposed flesh on her 'pawpads' on her hands.

Tash has just finished his shift at the hospitals, and only moments ago traded in his scrubs for his more comfortable workout clothes. He cannot go an entire day without doing some kind of physical activity, not only because he's kind of a junkie for the endorphin rush associated with exercise, but also because of his own competitive nature. The ocelot looks at the sparring ring for a few moments to see his future opponent. His prescription goggles are adjusted and his helmet is strapped on. He raises his hand in greeting to Kalysa, but also to indicate that he's here to challenge the tigress.

Kalysa comes off the wall and steps up, putting a foot on the mat. “Glad you could make it, Dr. Olne.” She nods slightly with the formal greeting. “Willing to play for submission this time around?” She raises one eyebrow with the question, but it lowers as one corner of her mouth turns up slightly. “If you still want to do grappling, it'll be far more of a challenge that way.”

“Nice seeing you, Kalysa.” He doesn't give her a formal greeting in response, if only because he's unsure what title to use. Dr? Miss? Ms? Forget it! “Aye, yeah,submission'll be fine,” says Tash, nodding at that, adding, “Takedown in grappling is less interesting.” The ocelot steps up onto the mat as well, glancing his opponent over for a moment and bouncing a couple times to remember Annyrion gravity. Everything is much heavier here.

The taller tigress, of course, is one object of significantly more weight in this locale. She puts her other foot on the mat and approaches the center of the ring. “IDF matches were always tap out or pass out. Be sure to tap out if you think you might get hurt.” Her tail flicks back and forth slowly, as she reviews Tash's form. “With that in mind, are you properly geared?” She makes a point of glancing down at Tash's shorts.

“Uh,” says Tash, raising his brow slightly, “Yeah. I am.” He scratches the back of his head awkwardly for a moment in response to that and shrugs. “And I'll be sure to, uh, tap out of you seem ready to snap my limbs and everything.” He, too, approaches center ring.

Kalysa nods, and offers a customary handshake to start the match while she interjects in a lighter mood, “I'll try to put everything back where I found it.”

With that, she takes up a wide, balanced stance and takes one step back.

Tash takes Kalysa's hand before also taking step back and taking on a balanced stance, eying Kalysa carefully. Because of Kalysa's larger size and muscle mass, he has to be a bit careful about his approach. If he screws up, he's at the mercy of Kalysa's superior strength.

Kalysa performs a maneuver that may look at first familiar to Tash. As soon as she's sure he's ready, she steps briskly forward, putting her right leg squarely between his as she tries to fend off his arms. She starts to turn, but instead of backing into him as she did in free-form competition, she starts to bring her left leg around behind him to ensnare his left. It won't take long if she gets a hold for a takedown.

While Tash does prepare for the maneuver that Kalysa seems to be preparing for, the ocelot's reflexes are good enough to recognize when he needs to change his anticipation. He slides his stance back quickly and then again forward just as quick, outside of Kalysa's hold's range, to try and get a hold of one of her arms while she may still be distracted with other things. A few joint manipulations might give him an advantage if he manages to pull it off.

With the feel of a hand on her arm and her quarry slipping out of her grasp, Kalysa opts instead to cling to the arm that grabbed her. She adjusts her stance, again placing her feet widely apart as she pulls the ocelot towards her… almost seeming to encourage him to attempt her own opening move on her.

Tash is easily dragged across the floor towards Kalysa, even though he does try to resist. While Kalysa shows off her brute strength, Tash opts to work joint manipulation on Kalysa's grasping hand, attempting to twist her thumb off of his own wrist while stepping forwards to try and get one foot behind her, to try and trip her back if he should gain control of the thumb.

Kalysa changes her approach once more, swapping upper body for lower body a second time. Noticing the trip attempt as she's carried backwards from momentum, she gives into the inevitable fall by jumping up and locking her ankles around Tash's waist as her grip on his arm begins to fail from being peeled off.

Tash falls forward towards Kalysa at her ankle lock, but makes sure to shift his grip on Kalysa's arm as he falls, trying to arrange it so to catch her in a painful wrist-lock as he falls a bit further, reaching towards her other arm to attempt to pin it down.

Thomas is padding along the main pathway towards the locker room with a bag slung over one shoulder and seems immersed in his thoughts for the moment. His single eye does roam however across the various rings and other equipment which eventually leads him to pause as he notes the two of you spar, knowing at least one of the figures from a meeting prior which piques his curiosity.

Kalysa's eyes are narrowed in concentration, fighting against the wrist lock. With her elbow against the mat, she can't get away from it. She rocks backwards on her shoulders, bringing her hips up–and Tash with them–before flipping the pair over to reverse the roles as she undoes her ankles and takes up the mount position. Without the mat behind her, she has room to pull her arm back again, and she once more tries to gain control of that same arm.

Tash doesn't notice Thomas. Why should he? Tash is all tangled up with a tigress on top of him. The ocelot struggles to keep his lock in place and to try and shift his feet to try and leverage Kalysa over and off from on top of him and reverse the positions again.

Thomas stands to one side for the time being, being a silent observer with his one eye, after a few moments though his weight shifts and he starts to move back towards the locker rooms

Kalysa lets out a surprised “Whoop!” as she's turned over again, having the presence of mind to lock her ankles once more as she forces a bend in Tash's elbow to deny him leverage on her wrist. Perhaps a different tactic is in order. She makes a show of looking over Tash from her current position as she holds her arms braced. “My my… first date and you're already taking charge. I'm impressed.” She turns her wrist in an attempt to get her arm free beside her on the mat.

“Uhh,” says Tash a bit awkwardly, “/Is/ this a date?” There is kind of a disjoint, though, between the attitudes of the words he speaks and the actions that he takes in the meantime. Figuring that Kalysa was attempting to take him off guard with her words (though he is genuinely curious at the answer!), he tries to take advantage of the possibility that she won't be ready for his continued motions. He leans forward to try and gain better control on both shoulders and, as Kalysa's wrist wriggles free, tries to catch her arm with his own in such a way to put pressure on the elbow now, hoping that any pain caused might help encourage her to tap out.

Kalysa grumbles a little when she realizes she's unable to distract Tash verbally. “I'd hate to say yes, for fear you'd let me win.” She releases her ankle lock, pulling one foot back to Tash's hip to lift him enough to get the other leg up and wrapped around his arm. She's wincing occasionally, but refuses to tap out just yet. If she can last… one more shift and she has an arm bar hold.

“No way I'd /let/ anyone win.” Tash understands what is likely to happen, and is worried about what he can do to prevent it. He could attempt to put pressure on the the other arm, and shift Kalysa, but that's too risky at this point. Instead, he just increases pressure on her elbow and hopes that she taps out, while trying to stabilize his position a bit with his own legs.

Thomas pads back out more athletically clad though he does gravitate back towards the athletic mat to watch the one person he at least recognized. A light smile crosses his features as he settles into a bench and starts to untie the shoes he was carrying with him to begin the process of putting them on as he watches with his critical eye, probably waiting to see what happens next.

Kalysa grits her teeth, realizing she'll force herself to tap if she keeps going that direction. She shifts herself one more time, wrapping her legs around Tash's neck and squeezing as she bites her lip, a tear actually streaming down her face from the pain she's allowing herself.

“Hrrk,” says Tash, keeping the pressure on in return, trying to maximize pain without actually causing real, lasting damage to the joint (something he's actually pretty good at. That medical knowledge sometimes comes in handy). He continues trying to keep his holds in place and trying in futility to shift his head to be able to catch air, only hoping that Kalysa taps out before he begins to pass out and loosen his holds.

Thomas looks up just before tying his shoes to raise a brow lightly and calls in his clipped British, “You both will regret pushing yourselves that hard tomorrow morning…though I would warrant by tonight at the latest.”

One might get the sense when ensnared by the tigress's lower appendages that she might come close to suffocating someone simply by having them around their chest. While she's careful about holding position so as not to cause spinal damage on Tash's part, or a broken arm on her part, she's not the least bit shy about applying enough pressure to juice Tash, were he a citrus fruit. Her breathing is becoming uneven from the test of endurance, and it's too ragged to reply to Thomas if she even heard him.

Tash tenses up his neck so that, even if he gets no breath, his blood flow is not too cut off for now. It doesn't help much, but it helps. He keeps his lock for awhile, obviously just as wrapped up in this exchange. He doesn't have long before he will start to pass out, now, only a few more seconds before his grip loosens and he starts to black out. In this time, though, his eyes are wide; an attempt to make Kalysa think that he still has time left, despite having none.

Thomas sits up to watch rather raptly by this point, knowing one way or another the climax is about and both participants are in rather precarious situations.

Kalysa's eyes are tightly scrunched, her determination unaffected by Tash's display if she could manage to see his eyes otherwise. Eventually, as she feels everything start to let up, she relaxes all of her muscles. Consequently, she ends up laying half on top of Tash as she pants deliriously from all that exertion. After a moment, though, she realizes she should check on him. She manages to scoot herself up towards his face and check his neck before giving him a couple of light pats on the side of the face. “Hey you… you alright?” She's too tired to move herself off of him entirely in a timely manner.

Tash slumps from the lack of air, blacking out for just a few moments. He doesn't bother moving either, but that may be because he just slipped out of unconsciousness. At the question, the ocelot only comments, “What do I have ta friggin' do, break your arm?” He breathes heavily now, his own exertion having caught up to him.

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