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(Note: Odontonians are an NPC species. Players needing to interact with one beyond casual spoofing for purposes of RP should contact staff for assistance. - Hagalaz)


Odontonians are the only intelligent plants known to science at this time.

The ancesters of Odontonians were semi-intelligent mobile plants encountered by early recom explorers to Annyrion. A brilliant recom geneticist and agricultural researcher, Otto de Lanseur, genetically engineered them to increase their abilities and intelligence, thus making Odontonians the first truly new intelligent species created by genetic engineering since the Apocalypse War on Earth.

Although Odontonians are intelligent and capable of speech and interaction with other beings, they are quite “alien” in outlook. They do not require food, only a place to root themselves with sun and water. They have an intellectual curiosity which compels them to seek out books and spend much of their spare time reading, but they rarely ever seem to do much with the knowledge thus gained. Ordinary motivations of love and hate, greed and ambition, seem largely lost on Odontonians. Most of them lead simple lives of farmers, growing genetically engineered crops handed down from their creator, and then spending the money on more books. They rarely leave their homeland on the continent of Lopanga, in and around the city of Epiphyte.

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