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MUF and MPI Programming Policy

A class of specially privileged users exists below the staff level. These are persons who have received flags allowing them to program using MUF. Any player may request these flags, but granting them is entirely at the discretion of the staff. These persons have no specific duties in operating the MUCK, but are expected to use their MUF coding only in a constructive way and not abuse it.

MUF programming flags are granted by MUF wizards who have been authorized to care for the MUCK's program environment. These wizards are expected to give MUF flags based on both technical ability and trust of the applicant not to abuse it. Wizards are never required to give MUF flags, but should record their reasons when denying a request. (Wizards are also reminded to check @wizlog notes on the player, and to make a note when they change a player's access level, as well as when they deny requests.) The access levels are:

M1 – Any player may ask for an M1 flag which allows MUF programming at the most basic level, with restrictions similar to MPI. It is intended as a tool for learning the MUF language, with a view toward graduating at a later date to M2. M1 access is normally given to someone who is expected to eventually have M2 access.

M2 – A player who requests M2 access should present a MUF wizard with some program he has coded demonstrating a basic understanding of how MUF works. This is the standard level of user programming.

M3 – This is an advanced level of programming which implies a higher than usual degree of trust and responsibility upon the programmer. Most programs should not require M3 access. MUF wizards may give M3 access to users who have demonstrated both technical ability and some specific need for M3. It is also the highest level of access that a user may have without being required to take on some duties as a staffer.

Users may not use MUF programs to spy on other players, to randomly examine or alter objects belonging to other players, to sabotage the MUCK's operations, or to “hack” the game programs to gain unfair advantage. If the coder is not sure whether a certain program is okay, he should ask a wizard before using it. Wizards may disallow the use of some programs or require that they be modified, and they may remove MUF access from a player if it has been abused.

MPI programming is allowed to all players by default. The same rules of abuse that apply to MUF programming also apply to MPI. If a player has abused MPI programming, the wizards may remove his MEEPER flag or impose other penalties.

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