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Shak'al T. "Jack" Jackal, aka Jack Larossa

 Not really Jack. Draw him a picture, please? (photo by Evgeniy Gunenkov)

Basic info

Short Description brown eyes, often with sunglasses; large ears, left one stapled together; scruffy wheat-colored fur, marked with scars; thin tail; slim build; tends to fidget
Homeworld Shak'al was born on Luna, where he was raised in an “orphanarium” (as he calls it).
Birthdate January 1, 2181
Apparent age Early twenties
Gender Male
Species Recom, jackal
Height 5ft 10in (178 cm)
Weight actually 190 lbs (86kg), appears much lighter

Background and personality

Shak and his twin sibling, David, were abandoned on Luna as infants. Growing up in an orphanage the two were seemingly incapable of behaving properly, bouncing from one foster family to another until they were old enough to strike out on their own. Initially making ends meet by sharing a cramped apartment with a female wolfen named Bulala, the three did their best to embroil themselves in a life of skullduggery. Regularly engaging in petty criminal activities such as muggings, extortion and occasional chem dealing, Shak seemed to have a knack for flirting with danger but always avoiding the consequences. The Jackal's brother quickly outpaced him, intellectually, and soon the two were engaged in more sophisticated white collar crimes, eventually catching the attention of a small but ambitious group of smugglers. Unfortunately, this arrangement was not to last, as Shak's reckless behavior inevitably led to his decision to retire after a mere three years and four near-fatal injuries. The Jackal currently leads a relatively law-abiding existence, ever since a particularly embarrassing encounter with Lunar Police.

Personality Shak's distant ancestors were a breed of genetically tweaked canines intended to serve as noble servants and fanciful pets, not that he knows it. In fact, Shak is a humanoid jackal that seems to do his best to shrug off any hint of nobility or domestication from his person. Loud, crude and overly impulsive, The Jackal has a tendency to act first and regret later, as evidenced by the dozens of scars or prosthetics that he's picked up over the years. Lacking the social grace and education to find much in the way of gainful employment, he has a checkered past of legal problems including such nonsense as extortion, theft, assault and/or battery. Of course that was when he was in his prime, and he seems to have more recently settled into a comfortable pattern of carousing, wild tale-telling, and occasional legitimate work.
Reputation Shak'al, AKA The Jackal, AKA Jackie. Having lived most of his life in the Alpha Dome on Luna, he built up a minor reputation as a troublemaker, mostly amongst the local law. Since Alpha Dome was destroyed and rebuilt, only a few folk are likely to even remember the somewhat unspectacular Jackal, and his relatively low-key activities these days keep him out of general circulation. He's modestly well-known at bars and clubs, where he's generous with the drinks and not-so-successful with the ladies. Although he's mellowed with age, he still jumps at the chance for a spirited brawl or a bit of light-hearted graft and larceny. Security forces tend to keep a close eye on The Jackal, but generally give him a great deal of leeway because he's considered to be “harmless”. Still, only the most lax of security personnel will ever let him through customs with a loaded firearm, despite his entirely legitimate permit.
Affiliation None. Shak'al is currently independent.
Hobbies Occasional acts of vigilantism
Skills Shak has never claimed to be very smart, because honestly? He isn't. Still, persistance and negative reinforcement have bludgeoned a few odd skillsets into the Jackal's thick skull over time. He possesses an enthusiastic combat style, displaying exceptional marksmanship, although his hand-to-hand style depends more on his sturdy physique than any actual training. His prior careers have necessitated an understanding of various medical skills, effectively making Shak the equivalent of a self-taught paramedic. This knowledge extends to the care and maintenance of cybernetic and prosthetic components, primarily those which keep him alive. In other areas, Shak can be considered to have the education of an underachieving high school drop-out, only mildly competent in the fields of advanced mathematics, linguistics and sciences. The exception to this are the fields of biology and chemistry, two skills that seem wildly out of place among his others. The reason for these studies are unlikely to ever be known, given that The Jackal's latest and most prominent talent seems to be tale-telling. Rarely told the same way twice, he seems to have an action-packed adventure prepared for every scar or skill that he's accrued over his lifetime.
Occupation Once upon a time, Shak'al fancied himself a Legbreaker and second-rate Mercenary for Hire. Having retired from such dangerous pursuits, he currently holds down a job as an independently contracted security consultant on the privately owned transport shuttle, Liasca.
Residence Upstairs town home in Epiphyte, Lopanga Confederacy

Recent events

Fun facts

Although it is not physically evident to the naked eye, Shak is “enhanced” with several cybernetic augmentations to his natural body. This mostly consists of prosthetics that were used to keep him alive after particularly negative encounters in his past. No less than six of his internal organs have been either reinforced or entirely replaced with artificial components, and roughly seventy percent of his bones have been reinforced with plastic or titanium compounds due to previous fractures. While some of the Jackal's ruined or destroyed appendages or organs have been replaced with cloned parts, damage caused by regular chem abuse at an early age has necessitated a higher-than-average ratio of cybernetic prosthetics.

Player preferences

Online times
  • I generally stick to social RP, but I'm willing to participate in organized scenes or plots as long as they don't involve too many people.
  • I'm not a big fan of powergaming or uber-drama, whether its in- or out-of-character.
  • I don't mind getting beat up, but I am unlikely to consent to being murdered.
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