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Title Teacup Tommyguns
IC date 2211-08-11
Location Annyrion City, Coalition, Annyrion
Summary The crowd in Michlu's Pub and Singing House is a bit rougher than usual.
Characters Edana, Fawkes, Kalysa

12 Aug, 2211 Annyrion City

An altercation broke out between three Epiphyte locals and a local bar co-owner. The bar owner who has chosen to remain unnamed has remarked that her survival and the entirety of her bar owes its safety to three individuals; Edana Sionnach, Kalysa, and an unknown wolf recom who was otherwise unavailable for comment.

The three men from Epiphyte now face serious charges for gun smuggling, carrying illegal weapons, destruction of property, attempt to murder, and several other felonies.

It's high day, and as usual during the middle of the day; the bar is almost completely empty. The regular barman stands behind the counter cleaning a glass while a couple of other furs chill out in the back, talking amongst themselves. All in all, it's a pretty normal day. Sitting among the recoms today is Fawkes, an androgynous wolf recom looking to be about twenty four. What is it with this recom and bars?

Through the main door comes the dark silohuette of Edana, though she's no lighter once she enters the room then her shadow had been as she moseys her way towards one of the untaken barstools and settles herself in. Her trusty guitar case as always is with her and is leaned up against the counter as she flags for the barkeep.

Kalysa is sitting off in a corner of the room in a booth by herself, strangely. The expression on her face is either tired, bored, or a mixture of both. A scotch on the rocks sits in front of her, barely touched.

Edana, upon receiving her drink, starts to survey the crowd or lack thereof in the pub before she notes the only that gains any sort of recognition in the vixens face. A light smirk plays across her features before she hauls both her drink and guitar over in the tigress' direction, “Looks as if you're hating life right now ja?”

Kalysa raises an eyebrow, resting her chin on a fist with her elbow propped on the table. “I wouldn't say I'm hating it, but I'd rather have somebody to go home to… sometimes scheduling gets in the way.” She sighs.

Edana perks a brow curiously before a knowing smile crosses her features, “Ah, I understand that sort of predicament. It's not fun no.” she indicates the booth across from the tigress, “Mind if I sit…?”

Kalysa gestures towards the seat. “By all means, go ahead.” She glances at the guitar case. “Playing somewhere tonight?”

Edana settles her guitar case in first then follows it with her tush as she plants herself down. She shakes her head to the question though as she gets comfortable, “Ja, well…already played rather. Winding down my evening with no better place to go other than the bar.”

And what better place than a bar to relax?

The ice in Fawkes' glass shift, clinking together.

Suddenly the doors to the bar burst open. Three men carrying heavy type-writer style machine guns. One big scary dude, a male wolf recom, leads the party of abandon. The two flanking members are both scruffy looking foxes. They smell, terribly, like they haven't bathed in weeks. Their clothes are a mix of body armor and leather stitched together with steel wiring. They must have stole away on a freight from Epi, as that's exactly how they appear. They most certainly don't have permits for this big guns.

The wolf in the center speaks up in a mighty powerful voice, “'Aight, alla you nook-suckers better g'down. Tha bitch that owns this here joint owes me some cred and w'gonna take it back personally.” The fox on the left snickers as he aims his gun over the crowd, opening fire on one of the empty tables. Metal slugs rip apart the table as splinters and chunks scatter across the floor. The table is demolished, they're not packing toys. The wolf continues while holding up a hand, “Nonna you make a move an we figgurin' we won't take your life.”

Fawkes jumps up with hands in the air, surrendering immediately. “WE'LL COME ALONG PEACEFULLY!” Well, if that.. what is that? It's hard to tell if the other wolf recom surrendering is a male or a female.. God. Still, what a coward.

Kalysa hmms. “Surprised you're already done this early. I didn't kn-” She's interrupted by the sudden entrance of the thugs. She blinks several times and stays quiet as she watches. She flinches slightly when the gun goes off, but doesn't otherwise seem fearful. She does, however, pick up her drink and have a good sip.

Edana looks over her shoulder curiously as the robbers barge in and sure neough shooting up the joint. A mixture of fear, anger, and annoyance flickers through her features as her red eyes narrow.

A couple of the other customers do as Fawkes has done; put their hands above their heads. The bartender remains behind the bar.

The leader of the team, the wolf, moves forward and grabs Fawkes, “C'mere.” Then with a rather hard shove, he moves him to the wall with Edana and Kalysa. Even while Fawkes says, “Gentle, gentle, gentle! I'm very fragile, you know!” To which the leader responds, “Oh for crying out loud.. Shut up and get against the wall! All of you!” One of the foxes gathers the other customers while the second one keeps a gun trained on Edana and Kalysa.

Kalysa stays put for a moment. She keeps both hands above the table, taking another sip of her drink and then rubbing the bridge of her nose–it seems to be a stress reaction.

Edana just sidles her way in closer towards the wall as she looks back to Kalysa while taking another slow pull of her beer. She settles the bottle down, gives a *look* at Fawkes being pathetic then looks back to the tigress curiously. Not that she's looking at the attackers, that's just looking at possible death!

Now everyone is gathered in one nice place. The greasy fox recom keeps a watch on the small band of people with his tommy gun in place. It's pretty intimidating.

Fawkes would look back at Edana, but it looks like the wolf is about to cry! Pathetic! It looks like Fawkes won't be any help in this situation.

Meanwhile, the roguely leader of the bandit band of baffoons, sir big ugly wolf moves over to the cash register. With a pull of his trigger, he fills the register with a new currency; hot lead. It's enough to bust the change box open. The first greasy fox recom helps him load it into a bag. It looks like a lot of money.

Kalysa flinches slightly again when the gun goes off. Faced with three machine guns in front of people who seem to be after cash, she really has no interest in risking her life. She stays quiet and keeps to her drink, watching what's going on and mindful of the gun barrel in front of her.

Edana watches from the corner of her eye, trying not to stare at the barrel of the gun being wavered in the groups general direction…

From somewhere behind the stage steps a woman, an ocelot recom, apparently disconcerted from all the business happening up front. “Eddie!” The woman shouts, “You would come here and destroy this pub just for petty money?” The woman is wearing what looks like to be a cobbled together outfit of unmatched clothing.

The wolf recom looks up while the first fox grins devilishly. With anger he responds, “What y'owe me isn't PETTY MONEY! Shut yer trap!”

The exchange continues, now the woman's turn, “We settled this proper.”

The wolf recon steps onto the stage, aiming his submachine gun at the ocelot, “Yeh. We /will/ settle this proper. With yer body on y'stage.” Things are looking critically bad.

Kalysa says quietly so only the closest gunman with his weapon trained on her can hear, “Pardon, I think I might like to join the others in facing the wall if you don't mind.” She gets up cautiously, but as soon as she's on her feet she charges the gunman! She yanks the bolt on his weapon, ejecting the round in the chamber and using it as a handhold while she kicks at his body as hard as she can.

Edana hadn't earned the nickname “Calamity” for nothing as she watches Kalysa spring forward. She's not too far behind as she hefts her guitar case and tries to wallop the one Kalysa's currently engaged with over the head with the heavy, if thin metal case.

The fox guarding the group opens fire on Kalysa, only managing to fill the ceiling with a few holes before the lock on his gun is locked. “Fucking damnit!” The fox hisses as he's bombarded by kicks and other close range strikes. “Get off! I'll kill you!” *THUNK!* The case whacks the fox on the back of the head and he's out like a light.

The wolf and fox obviously sees this, the wolf is the first to react. He hefts the gun up to the ocelot woman, “I'M THROUGH W' PLAYIN THESE GAMES, HUSSIE!” The room lights up with the flash of gunfire. The sound of bullets hitting wood. The wolf fired his gun. …

That submachine gun hits the ground with a loud thunk several feet away from the wolf. From the wall, Fawkes is standing with a silver pistol in his hand and an arm half covering his face. A little bit of smoke trails from the tip of his gun. Instead of looking like a coward, he looks pretty serious now.

The wolf doesn't seem to know how to react, the fox also doesn't seem to know how to react. The ocelot is covering her face and seems to be realizing that she isn't dead.

Kalysa procures the weapon from her target, yanks the bolt back into firing position and turns over a table for at least visual cover. She aims the weapon over the table at first at the wolf who she thought was going to shoot someone, but then quickly turns the barrel on the third gunman. “Drop it!” She yells at him.

Edana holds her guitar case almost like a baseball bat or a claymore, well awkwardly anyway as her red eyes blaze something fierce. She's just waiting for an excuse to clobber either of the remaining too!

The other fox drops his submachine gun and it clatters on the floor, slowly he raises his hands. Fawkes keeps a gun trained on the wolf recom, who also has his hands raised. The rogue leader wolf recom speaks, “You all don't know w'yer meddlin' in.”

Outside come the flashing lights of the Peacekeepers. Oh. Now they choose to show up.

Fawkes shouts out, “What gives you the right to take the life of another?” Then the androgynous wolf recom looks at the other two ladies, as if for confirmation.

The ocelot seems to be speechless at what has happened.

Kalysa comments, “The hippocratic oath is a bit of a gray area about shooting people who are a threat to others.” She keeps her newly acquired gun trained on the same target. “Is anyone hurt?” She's mindful of the sound of cops arriving, knowing that standard procedure will relive her of her weapon shortly.

The vixen slowly lowers her guitar case down to she can lean against it with an amused expression on her face, “I don't think any of us care what we're 'meddlin' in.” she's cocky now to say the least. Still angry. But cocky anyway.

The two customers nod softly at Kalysa, “I-i'm fine.” One of them says.

The ocelot, however, moves forward, draws back her fist and clocks 'Eddie' the wolf recom /right/ in the kisser. He crashes against the stage in a sprawled out pose, out cold. The woman then shakes her hand as if that hurt a shit ton. It probably did. The fox just gawks at her with an open mouth.

Fawkes, however, flashes a smile at Kalysa before darting for the back of the stage. Obviously headed for the back door. “WellItWasNiceMeetingYouAll! Bye!” Why in the world is that recon running so fast for? That silver pistol is also holstered again mighty quick before slipping out the back door of the stage.

The ocelot yells a “Thank you!” before Fawkes leaves.

Kalysa raises an eyebrow in Fawkes direction. Odd. She comments to Edana, “Wonder what he has to run for. Most people don't carry a gun in this city.” As soon as the cops arrive, she lowers 'her' gun but she doesn't let go of it just yet. She calls to the ocelot, “I hope you've got insurance!” She looks over at the bar. Such a pity…

Edana looks towards Kalysa as she shrugs and watches the wolf run off, “No idea, weird fellow acting like a pussy then actually showing some spine.” she seems amused again and nudges the bandit she clocked with the toe of her boot while she waits for the cops to start their processing, “Good insurance incase of more 'accidents'.”

The bar is an absolute mess. When the Peacekeepers arrive, they detain everyone for questioning but the ocelot vouches for both Edana and Kalysa, setting them free without any charges for destruction of property or having a weapon without a permit. There were no fatalities.

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