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"White Ears"

 Draw me a pic, please? (Placeholder by Jibber11)

Basic info

Short Description Tall, somewhat slender, light gray, white ears, blue eyes, scar on chest.
Homeworld Mars
Birthdate January 21, 2178
Apparent age Early thirties
Gender Male
Species Recom, wolf
Height 6ft 5in (195cm)
Weight 186lbs (84kg)

Background and personality

He remembers very little of it, except that he lost his parents very early in life. He was taken to Luna by his fellow siblings and he took on a good education.

He meet Nekosai, but she disappeared due to an apparent suicide. He met his soon to be mate, Hitori during 2203. In 2204, Nekosai met up with him again, and he is now in a confused state, since he loves both Hitori and Nekosai. To make matters worse, his friend Abigaile revealed that she had his child from a date soon after Nekosai died.

Personality A bit tender in the emotions but otherwise he is just contented.
Reputation *
Affiliation *
Hobbies Study, listening to classical music and chess. A young male wolf who likes to have his nose in a book.
Skills He has a double degree in Engineering and Computer Science and he knows how to cook properly.
Occupation PhD Student
Residence Somewhere on Mars

Recent events

White Ears has been up to stuff like… FIXME

Fun facts

Bet you didn't know… FIXME

Player preferences

Online times * time zone.

Run it past me and I'll see if it's ok, but don't kill me, or try anything that'll get him in bed with you for a night thing. Just for extra info when he poses <think(s/ing),'<phrase>'>. It just thought only and not to be reacted on IC'ly.

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