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Yuriko Whitepaw

 Picture by Yuriko

Basic info

Short Description Vertically slit maroon eyes, cat ears, fox tail, green hair, pale skin showing through light-colored pelt
Homeworld Luna
Birthdate July 24, 2204
Apparent age 12 (in appearance), 16 (in behavior)
Gender Female
Species Recom, re-created human
Height 4ft 10in (147cm)
Weight 82lbs (37kg)

Background and personality

Yuriko is a prototype human recom, most likely created by a cult. After a terrorist attack on the Dome on Luna where the genetics laboratory was located in which she was “born”, she got lost in the ensuing chaos and accidentally ended up on Annyrion.

As this was the first time she was awake since her creation, it was assumed that she had amnesia until her real origin had been discovered. Back in that time she had to steal goods to survive, mostly a lot of food which she needed due to a defect in her metabolsim. For a while she was living with the Whitepaw family, which had taken her in, until she began working for Uncia Corporation to earn her own money to care for herself.

So far she has not met any of the scientists involved in her creation. If they are searching for her, they have not found her yet.

Personality Cheerful and happy most of the time (especially when food is involved). She can be quite curious and goes hyper when she eats too much food with sugar as one of the ingredients.
Reputation *
Affiliation *
Hobbies Eating, swimming, eating, reading and… eating
Skills Sneaking, singing, performing (mostly dancing), swimming. She's learning how to cook
Occupation Flight Attendant for Uncia Corporation
Residence Annyrion

Recent events

Yuriko has been up to stuff like… FIXME

Fun facts

Bet you didn't know… FIXME

Player preferences

Online times GMT+1 time zone (+2 in the summer)
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