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Your headwizards

Unci – Hagalaz – Zobeid

All glory to the headwizards!

Other important behind-the-scenes staffers

  • Karinne – space system designer
  • Zobeid – system operator, website operator, MUF coder, bill payer
  • The Hypnotoad

Got questions you want to ask?

To leave a note: page #mail <person>=<message>

RPstaff Abiri and Orion will be happy to help with character creation. Please #mail any other questions to the RPwiz Tsye, who can answer your question or direct it the right party and ensure there's no duplication of effort. If you ever recieve what seem to be conflicting answers, please inform Tsye so that she can sort it out.

  • Devik – technology guy
  • Flame – builder, news and current events, involved with Oceania
  • Tsye – RP wiz and theme developer/checker, involved with Luna, Mars, and Lopanga
  • Orion – Character creation, General help, and MPI
  • Abiri – Character creation advice, wiki fixes

Rules, Policies, and Rights

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