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Hagalaz Thorsson

 I can still @recycle your ship and @toad you from across the MUCK. Even from way down here.

Basic info

Short Description A snow leopard uplift that can walk on four legs or more usually, two. Modified forepaws in place of typical recom 'hands'.
Homeworld Jalan
Birthdate February 7, 2160.
Apparent age Hard to tell. Definitely closer to Mufasa's age than Simba's.
Gender Male
Species irbis (uplifted snow leopard)
Height 210cm (standing on hindlegs)
Weight None of your business!

Background and personality

Personality He is the rhetorical “cooler head that will prevail”, but still has a sharp sense of humor.
Reputation Former Chancellor of the Annyrion Colonist - Eisshari Coalition. Neighborhood grumpy old man w/lawn.
Affiliation Citizen of the Annyrion Coalition
Hobbies Climbing, martial arts, cooking, random intellectual pursuits.
Skills Jack-of-all-trades, but primary skills set reflecting a twenty-year-plus career with the Space Defense Force as a senior line officer. Maintains current ship's master's license.
Occupation Husband. Father. Concerned citizen. Diplomat?
Residence Residences on Annyrion and Oceania.

Recent events

Recently retired from his term as Chancellor, Hagalaz now has more time to enjoy life as a private citizen. He still keeps an eye on current events, and occasionally consults with the governments of Annyrion and Oceania. He can be seen, from time to time, at various diplomatic engagements, attending various functions with his wife, Snow (who currently heads the Interstellar Healthcare Association), and/or his adopted daughter, Gwyneth.

Fun facts


  • Hearing: ranges similar to stock snow leopard.
  • Daytime Vision: average. Will wear eyeshades in bright light.
  • Dark Vision: thanks to a tapetum lucidum similar to other felids, he can see well in low-light settings.
  • Sense of smell: ranges similar to stock snow leopard.


  • Modified forepaws, not hands. Rudimentary opposable thumb. Can manipulate small objects between “fingers”, but they're really more suited for climbing, hunting/field-dressing prey, etc…
  • Digestive tract genetically modified to allow for omnivorous diet.
  • Has Kirru version of Sol System recom “spacer” genetic hack. Increased resistance to radiation, minimalized muscle/bone loss in microgravity, etc…

OOC Information

Hagalaz is one of Furscape's headwizards, and is responsible for:

  • Co-creation and enforcement of Furscape's rules.
  • Enforcing Furscape's existing theme, and proposing ideas for Roleplay Staff to consider for inclusion in the game's setting.

He also specializes in these areas:

  • Spaceship construction and operations (LITE and SCRAT systems and vehiclepose).
  • Astroengineering - temporary and permanent objects on the space grid. Placement only occurs with RP staff approval.
  • Belters and humans ('pure-strain' and 'transhuman/posthuman').
  • Random trivia and IC/OOC MUCK history (since 2003).

Hagalaz does NOT:

  • @APPROVE new characters (although he can and will rescind approval if he finds something that violates Furscape's rules).
  • Override decisions made by Roleplay Staff as a group regarding Furscape's theme. In the event that a single member of Roleplay Staff makes a decision that doesn't seem to fit Furscape's theme, he will call the question before a quorum of Roleplay Staff members (This hasn't happened yet, by the way. Furscape has a very competent Roleplay Staff, and I hope you will trust their judgement as much as I do - H.).
  • Add new construction to other realm managers' domains. Please check that area's “realm” information and talk to the manager responsible first.
  • Argue with players about Furscape's theme or whether a particular technology should be allowed. Friendly discussion regarding the MUCK's 'hard science fiction' theme and speculation about proposed technologies are acceptable, but keep it polite.
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